Aerzen invites you to visit their facility in Coatesville, PA where they manufacture quality aeration blower packages.  The visit will include a plant tour and a presentation to demonstrate their commitment to quality, performance, reliability, and customer service. 

Factory Tour

  • Mechanical and electrical engineering, service center, assembly area, sound enclosure construction, blower repair area, spare parts inventory, blower performance testing.
  • Demonstrations of blower internal components including rotors, bearings, labyrinth seals, lubrication, etc.
  • Demonstrations of blower system features, motors, automatic belt tensioning system, sound enclosures, filters, silencers, pressure relief valves, startup unloading valves, electrical components, instrumentation, and alarms.


  • Discussion of blower types including Gen5 positive displacement blowers, Hybrid blowers and Turbo blowers
  • Blower design and selection criteria
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sound enclosures and noise control
  • Blower turndown characteristics
  • Blower system components
  • Materials of construction
  • Operation and maintenance considerations
  • Testing procedures

For information on Aerzen factory tours, call us at

(800) 733-7884.