OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring

Flow Monitoring at Pumping Stations

OmniSite Crystal Ball Pump Station Monitoring
OmniSite Crystal Ball Pump Station Monitoring

Accurate flow data is required to make sound decisions on managing and improving collection system efficiency, preventing sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), and maintaining compliance with regulations.

Utilities that operate and maintain pump stations periodically visit each pumping station to check on them and record flow data. State-of-the-art monitoring and alarm systems are available at a low cost to reduce the need for site visits by recording and transmitting flow rates and other useful information to operations personnel.

The OmniSite monitoring units empower operators and collection system managers with accurate and reliable flow data to make confident flow management decisions without frequent visits to each pumping station.

OmniSite provides accurate and reliable flow data by one or both of the following methods:

Volumetric Flow Calculations – The OmniSite calculates influent flow and pumped flow data using volumetric flow calculations and uploads it to the GuardDog website. Volumetric flow data can be provided without the need for expensive flow meters.

The volumetric flow data is very accurate under most flow conditions; however, they are less accurate in the following situations:

  • When the inflow rate exceeds the pumping rate of one pump
  • When the inflow rate into the wet well has sudden and significant variations, such as when there is a pump station upstream of the wet well
  • For pumps that use variable speed drives (VFD)
  • With long ramp up/down times when using RVSS “soft start” motor starters

Due to these limitations, the OmniSite volumetric flow calculations are very useful for monitoring the condition of the pumps, but are not recommended when accurate flow metering is required or for billing purposes.

Flow Meter Readings – The OmniSite records the flow data from flow meters and uploads the data to the GuardDog website. Flow data from flow meters is collected and transmitted via cellular technology and is viewed on the OmniSite GuardDog website or smartphone. The website organizes the flow data from the flow meters in charts and graphs and allows the operators to review the data to identify any issues at a site. If there is an anomaly, operations personnel can be dispatched to inspect the site and equipment.

OmniSite Pump Station Crystal Ball Records and Transmits Flow Meter Data
OmniSite Pump Station Crystal Ball Records and Transmits Flow Meter Data

OmniSite cloud-based cellular monitoring systems save time and money by giving engineers and utility managers valuable operating data and providing alarm notifications for operations personnel.

OmniSite cloud-based monitoring systems are the most effective way to monitor pumping stations, improve system efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Envirep has a proven track record with over 1,000 successful installations.

Each pumping station location is unique, which is why our sales reps visit each pumping station to understand the specific requirement for that station and will recommend a solution that is right for you. To have a sales rep contact you, please contact Envirep at 717-761-7884 or

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