Dumpster-Veyor by DR Cordell

Dumpster-Veyor by DR Cordell

Envirep works in partnership with DR Cordell in selling and maintaining the Dumpster-Veyor for the municipal and industrial water and wastewater industry in PA, NJ, DE, MD, DC and VA.

The Dumpster-Veyor is a patented container handling system designed to facilitate even distribution of biosolids. Used in many WWTP applications, a roll-off container is positioned below a fixed filling source and is filled with grit, screenings or sludge creating a pile in the center of the container, leaving the ends empty.

The Dumpster-Veyor Container Handling system moves the roll-off container forward and reverse to allow even distribution of material being deposited into the container.

The equipment can be installed in NEMA 4X Wash Down environments or NEMA 7 Explosion proof hazardous environments. Materials of construction can be A36/A56 Carbon steel or 304/316 stainless steel. Control systems can be operator push button controlled, or automated. This engineered solution brings and level of safety and efficiency to the container loading area.


Systems engineering begins at initial meetings and design discussions and is an integral part of the project through delivery and installation. Loadings, duty cycles, environment and space constraints and just a few factors that engineering considers when developing systems and preparing drawings for customer review and approval. AutoCad drawings are provided when requested and electrical panels can carry UL approval when specified.

Equipment engineering data requested by design engineering firms, contractors and facility engineering is part of the quality service provided by Cordell. Drawings, loadings, clearances and specifications are available to assist our customers with their project design efforts.


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