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About Fournier Industries

Envirep is proud to represent Fournier Dewatering, in Maryland, Washington DC and Delaware. The partnership helps us bring the best dewatering solutions to our consumers, given that Fournier is an industry leader in sludge and dewatering equipment.

Fournier Dewatering is a leading sludge and dewatering equipment and services provider. Their dewatering products are used across the world. The company is committed to offering clients effective dewatering solutions for all types of slurries and sludge issues.

Fournier Dewatering also provides highly effective dewatering processes. The company offers two of the best dewatering products known as the Rotary Press and the Filter Press. The two products are capable of handling the dewatering needs of different applications and settings. The Rotary Press is a perfect option for conventional sludges such as municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Dewatering has always been seen as a tedious, cumbersome, and time-consuming process. With the Rotary Press by Fournier, dewatering has become a simpler, cleaner, and more economical process for both municipalities and industrial plants. The Rotary Press is a significant improvement in sludge dewatering.

Fournier’s Filter Press is another excellent solution for industrial applications and drinking water plants. It is also an ideal choice for quarry waste management, alum sludge, and sand filter backwash. It is a uniquely designed and fully automatic filter press with a robust but straightforward look.

The company’s Rotary Press performance testing can even be demonstrated via their mobile units. By teaming up with Fournier, Envirep is confident about bringing high-quality and more efficient dewatering and sludge control solutions closer to the consumer.


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