Patterson Flo-Pak Water Booster Pumping Systems

About Flo-Pak®

Envirep works closely with Flo-Pak®, a company that merged with the Patterson Pump Company to manufacture high-quality packaged water booster systems for over 25 years.

Flo-Pak® is located in Toccoa, Georgia. Flo-Pak® manufactures packaged pumping stations for municipal and industrial markets. Flo-Pak products are manufactured and assembled in Atlanta, Georgia.

Water authorities worldwide rely on Patterson Flo-Pak® Prepackaged Systems as a single-source solution for water booster pump stations. And where elevation poses pressure challenges, our booster packages offer a simple solution.

Flo-Pak® Pre-Packaged Systems

Flo-Pak® factory-assembled prepackaged pump systems are shipped completeto the job site. A variety of building types are available to meet virtually every need from removable fiberglass enclosures to multi-room buildings for accommodating larger projects. Special-duty packages for underground service or needs outside our standard packages are a Patterson specialty.

Flo-Pak® can deliver complete, ready-to-install water pressure booster stations from 25 to more than 10,000 gallons per minute, in a variety of enclosure options. Flo-Pak maintains strict quality control over its water pressure booster packages, whether enclosed in an above-ground building or buried in a steel or stainless steel enclosure. Flo-Pak delivers every pressure booster unit custom-built for your system and service requirements.

Flo-Pak® and Envrep employ experienced engineers with decades of pump and engineering experience. Flo-Pak® experts are available to share their expertise with you.


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