SPS Engineering Clarifiers and Thickeners

About SPS Engineering

Envirep represents SPS Engineering to provide municipal and industial water and wastewater solutions.

Manufacturer of superior quality water and wastewater process equipment, SPS Engineering specializes in manufacturing and supply of sedimentation and process equipment for municipal and industrial water & wastewater treatment.

Products from SPS engineering include Primary and Secondary Clarifiers, Dissolved Air Flotation, Solid Contact Clarifiers, Tube Settler Clarifiers, Scraper Clarifiers, and the SCBS Industrial Process Clarifiers, Thickeners, Drive Units For Clarifiers & Thickeners, Flocculators, Grit Classifiers, Rotary Distributors and Scum Concentrators.

SPS Engineering also works with customs on clarifier modifications and providing auxiliary components such as feedwell, energy diffusion inlet, axial mixer, ducking skimmer, rotating scum pipe, scum box, radial scum trough, flushing valve, launder, weirs, scum baffle, tank and other customized components.

SPS Engineering and Envirep work closely and directly with our customers insuring prompt solutions to questions with flexibility to quickly tackle design and schedule changes.


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