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About Thermal Process Systems (TPS)

Envirep represents Thermal Process Systems, a company known for its award-winning ATAD thermal process systems and biosolids management solutions.

TPS specializes in thermal process systems that provide clients with revolutionary and proven biosolids management processes that deliver the expected performance and results. The company was founded by a team of experienced wastewater treatment experts with first-hand experience in the complex issues of biosolids processing and re-use.

The team's primary challenge was to develop a more efficient and more reliable process of producing high-quality biosolids. The result of their work was the creation of the company's proprietary ThermAer process, which has been rigorously field tested in full-scale operating systems. The process has been tested in different sites since 1995 and has always exceeded customer expectations.

The company's award-winning ThermAer biosolids reduction system is a second generation of the Autothermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (ATAD) technology, which gives you superior quality and pathogen-free products, controlled form, and foul odor elimination through the ORP control system. The technology also provides a remarkable reduction of volatile solids that result in creating a Class A product.

Thermal Process Systems’ proprietary Ex-CalibAer anaerobic optimization system gets the most out of your anaerobic digester – Lower HRT than conventional anaerobic digestion, therefore increasing throughput capacity, inhibits H2S prior to anaerobic digestion, produces higher quality biogas, up to 65 % volatile solids destruction, substantial volume reduction of Class "B" biosolids material (up to 30 % reduction of biosolids mass), increased cake solids from mechanical dewatering process (>30 % dried solids concentration), reduction of polymer consumption for mechanical dewatering (up to 50 %), elimination or reduction of coagulant for dewatering step, Ortho-P recovery (> 90 % in the form of Bruchite), Low-Odor Class "B" biosolids. The fully automed Ex-CalibAer can be integrated with exisitng tanks & design schemes.


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