PWTech Volute Dewatering Press for Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The Best Sludge Dewatering Solution Starts with a Pilot Test by PW Tech

Pilot testing is crucial in selecting and optimizing the sludge dewatering equipment for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Every wastewater sludge requires an individual approach since each sludge has a unique composition that impacts the performance of the dewatering equipment. Pilot testing of the dewatering equipment confirms that the equipment will work properly with the specific sludge and provides good data on the expected throughput, cake solids, polymer consumption, and capture rate.

PW Tech Volute Dewatering Press
PW Tech Volute Dewatering Press

PW Tech technicians perform pilot tests on-site with a mobile sludge dewatering trailer to produce reliable and accurate results. The goal is to find the best dewatering technology to provide excellent performance and low operating costs. PW Tech will recommend the best solution for the customer based on the data collected.

The pilot tests provide the information for the proper application of the dewatering equipment to the specific conditions on-site and provide an opportunity for training the plant staff in the operation of new equipment.

The PW Tech pilot test trailers include all the equipment needed to conduct the pilot test, including:

  • Sludge feed pump
  • Flow meter
  • Polymer preparation and feed system
  • Control panel with PLC and operator interface

    PW Tech's Pilot Test Trailer Dewatering Press
    PW Tech’s Pilot Test Trailer Dewatering Press

Information from the pilot test gives you the performance data needed for the design of the dewatering project.

The Volute Press model sizes range from 10 GPM to 300 GPM, with a small footprint, and space for additional dewatering drums can be provided for future requirements. The Volute Press is engineered for wastewater treatment plant operators.

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by Mike Gillespie, Envirep