Saveco Beast Septage FOG Sludge Screening

Saveco Beast For Septage/FOG/Sludge Screening

Saveco Beast (formerly Enviro-Care) for Septage Receiving – Envirep recently demonstrated the Saveco Beast at a Maryland wastewater facility. The demonstration was a huge success!

The BEAST is not just for septage and has proven its flexibility over and over again on the toughest loads. Whether it is screening debris from septage trucks or removing inorganic material from fats, oils, and grease (FOG), the BEAST handles them all.

The name “Beast” is very appropriate. Check out the video that was captured during the demonstration.

Many wastewater treatment plants accept trucked-in-waste such as septic tank waste, FOG waste (fats, oils, and grease), municipal sludge, and industrial waste that contains solids such as rocks, rags, plastics, grease, and other debris. If not removed from the waste stream, this debris can damage downstream equipment by clogging pumps and valves, decreasing treatment efficiency, and causing problems with dewatering equipment, sludge digesters, and tertiary filters.

Saveco Enviro-Care Beast Septage Receiving Station

The Saveco Beast is a self-contained, fully-automated receiving station that quickly removes debris and solids from the liquid in hauled-in-waste trucks allowing a typical septage truck to unload in 5 to 10 minutes. The Beast septage receiving station is completely enclosed to ensure safety and containment of offensive odors.

The unique features of the BEAST have been designed for a reason. The short influent tank allows the debris-laden liquid to discharge directly into the rotating drum screen. As the screen rotates, debris is captured on flights that carry the debris around the drum screen and deposit them into the auger trough. From the trough, the debris is conveyed by the auger into the washing/dewatering zones.

There is no need for a rock trap or high-maintenance grinders with the BEAST. Rocks are easily removed by the screen and auger. Rags and large debris are no problem for the BEAST. Dumpsters receiving discharge from the BEAST have contained towels, T-shirts, screwdrivers, rocks, straws, and other debris.

Enviro-Care Beast Used for FOG and Septage Screening at a Maryland Wastewater Treatment Plant - Saveco
Enviro-Care Beast Used for FOG and Septage Screening at a Maryland Wastewater Treatment Plant – Saveco

The dual drive feature allows the screen and auger to rotate independently and adapt to the debris load. The drum screen is at a 25° angle and rotates slower than the auger for better capture. The auger rotates faster to quickly remove the debris. The screen drive is located at the top of the drum and eliminates support arms at the influent end of the drum. This provides a full, unobstructed path for the flow to enter the drum. The rotating drum’s perforated plate screen, triple seal, exterior cleaning brush, and water spray nozzles provide a high capture rate, minimize by-pass and keep even small solids including hair inside the screen drum.

Schedule a free onsite demo to see firsthand how you can use the Enviro-Care Beast for Septage, FOG, or sludge screening.

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by Dwight Swan, Sales Engineer at Envirep.

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