Saveco Beast Septage Receiving Station for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Saveco Beast Trucked-In-Waste Demo Trailer

The Saveco Beast is a self-contained, fully-automated screening system that quickly removes debris and inorganic solids from hauled-in-waste trucks allowing a typical septage or FOG truck to unload quickly and efficiently. This automated septage receiving screen provides cleaner handling of septage truck waste by removing unwanted solids such as rocks, rags, plastics, and other debris. The Beast septage receiving station is completely enclosed to ensure operator safety and containment of offensive odors.

The Saveco BEAST is engineered for septage and heavy solids-loading applications. It removes rags, plastic, rocks, and other debris from the waste stream and protects downstream processes and equipment. There is no need for a rock trap or maintenance-expensive grinders with the BEAST.

Sequence of Operation

Saveco Beast Demo Trailer for Trucked-In-Waste at Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Saveco Beast Demo Trailer for Trucked-In-Waste at Wastewater Treatment Facilities

The waste liquid enters the tank and is discharged directly into the rotating perforated drum screen. As the drum screen rotates, debris is captured on flights that carry the debris around the basket and deposits it into the auger trough. From the auger trough, the debris is conveyed by the auger into the washing zone, then to the compaction zone, where it is dewatered, then discharged. A high percent dryness is achieved depending upon the type of debris in the influent. The debris capture rate is very high compared to other types of screens due to the perforated plate drum.

Features and Benefits

  • It is engineered for debris-ladened liquid/solid separation applications requiring fast processing.
  • They have proven Flo-Drum technology with over 300 installations.
  • Dual drive system – Drum and auger are driven independently to optimize debris capture and removal.
  • The drum screen is mounted using large diameter, heavy-duty industrial bearings with a built-in grease fitting.
  • Two-stage tank design narrows the inlet – Debris-ladened liquid is fed directly into the screen basket, which prevents sedimentation.
  • The auger runs faster to remove the inorganic material faster.
  • The screen cylinder runs slower, allowing better debris capture and screen cleaning.
  • A double seal on the screen cylinder prevents bypass and improves the capture of fine material.
  • The angle of inclination is lower than other screens on the market, allowing the screen to capture more debris and remove it faster.
  • No support arms to collect rags and wipes on the influent side of the screen drum.
  • There are no brushes inside the screen basket for better capture and less maintenance.
  • Controls can be as basic or as sophisticated as required.
  • Optional screenings bagger is available.

Contact Envirep for details on arranging to have the Beast demo trailer visit your plant to see how effective the unit is on your trucked-in-waste.

Saveco Beast Perforated Plate Rotating Drum Screen for Wastewater Treatment Plants
Saveco Beast Perforated Plate Rotating Drum Screen for Wastewater Treatment Plants

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