Aqua-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor

Is Your AquaSBR in Need of an Upgrade?

Aqua-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor
Aqua-Aerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor

The AquaSBR® sequencing batch reactor is a highly flexible and reliable wastewater treatment process. However, as with any treatment process, SBRs can experience wear and tear over time, leading to the need for upgrades or repairs.

Common Issues with Aging SBRs

  • Obsolete equipment
  • Outdated software
  • Limited availability of replacement parts
  • Poor performance due to wear and tear on components

These issues increase the risk of breakdowns, decreased efficiency, and higher maintenance costs.

In addition, as environmental regulations become more stringent, older SBRs may struggle to meet the effluent quality requirements. Upgrading your SBR process can be a cost-effective way to improve treatment performance and ensure compliance with regulations.

SBR Items Often Repaired or Replaced

AquaSBR Control Panel
AquaSBR Control Panel
  • Coarse bubble to fine bubble diffusers
  • Fine bubble diffuser sleeves
  • Retrievable fine bubble diffuser racks
  • Manual winches with electric winches
  • Air hoses
  • Galvanized to stainless steel components
  • Influent valves, air valves, decanter valves
  • Valve actuators
  • Decanters, mixers, aerators, pumps, blowers
  • Control panel upgrades, PLCs, VFDs, OITs
  • Software upgrades
  • Level control systems – float switches to transducers
  • Dissolved oxygen probes
  • Networking/communication improvements
  • Process control changes for better treatment
  • More automation to reduce operator involvement
  • SCADA for remote monitoring

Sequencing Batch Reactor Upgrades

It’s essential for wastewater treatment plant operators to regularly assess the condition of their SBRs and plan for necessary upgrades or repairs to ensure the continued reliability and effectiveness of the treatment process.

By proactively identifying potential issues and planning for necessary upgrades or repairs, plant operators can avoid costly breakdowns and maintain compliance with environmental regulations.

Aqua-Aerobic SytemsThe Industry Leader

Aqua-Aerobic Systems provides innovative products, processes, and services to the wastewater industry. They can upgrade your existing AquaSBR with new and updated equipment and technology to increase the hydraulic and organic capacity of your SBR, improve performance, increase efficiency, and reduce operating costs.

With over a thousand installations worldwide, Aqua-Aerobic Systems leads the industry in the application and improvement of Sequencing Batch Reactor Technology.

Watch this video to see how the AquaSBR operates.

AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor System
Aqua Aerobic Systems AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor
Aqua-Aerobic Systems AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor

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By Roger Stauffer, Plant Sales at Envirep