Hardy Pro-Air PD Blowers for Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Positive Displacement Blowers (PD blowers) are crucial components in wastewater treatment, providing essential aeration for the activated sludge and aerobic digestion processes. This article explores how PD blowers, specifically Hardy Pro-Air blowers, contribute to efficient wastewater treatment.

H-Tec Air Release Valves with Zero Leakage

H-Tec air release valves with zero leakage provide superior performance vs. traditional air release valves.  The valve includes an infinitely variable orifice, providing both air release and vacuum break functionality which makes standardization easy.  Compared to traditional air release valves, the H-Tec valve is much easier to maintain due to its lightweight design and fewer moving parts.

Evoqua ETS-UV for Efficient Wastewater Disinfection

Evoqua ETS UV Technology disinfects municipal wastewater before discharge to receiving waters. The ETS-UV™ system uses closed vessels, providing greater operator safety, a smaller footprint, easier maintenance, and lower life cycle costs. The UV chamber is constructed of 316L stainless steel and contains an automated wiper system that keeps the quartz tubes clean and the disinfection system operat...

Spare Parts for Gorman-Rupp Pump Stations

Gorman-Rupp Suction Lift Pump Station Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumping stations are renown for their longevity, boasting lifespans exceeding 25 years. While these systems are built for endurance, even the most durable equipment experiences wear and tear over time due to pumping domestic wastewater. Predicting when you need a spare part is impossible, especially with pumps operating in harsh ...

Vogelsang Sewage Pump Station Grinders

Vogelsang's X-Ripper sewage grinders are installed in wet wells to protect sewage pumping stations and eliminate or significantly reduce clogging. The XRipper grinders use low-speed, high-torque ripper rotors to shred through rags and debris in the wastewater before entering the wet well.

AquaPrime® Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration

Primary filtration is an emerging technology in wastewater treatment. Many plants are using it to completely replace conventional primary clarifiers, thereby reducing the organic load to the secondary treatment process, saving energy, and increasing plant capacity. Aqua-Aerobic’s AquaPrime® filters remove biological oxygen demand (BOD5) and volatile suspended solids (VSS) from raw wastewater, redu...

Guidelines for Better Wastewater Pumping Stations

By establishing design standards for developer projects, municipalities can ensure that pumping stations within their wastewater collection systems are built to the required standard for quality and reliability. This proactive approach helps prevent costly repairs, reduces the risk of system failures, and ultimately promotes the efficient and effective management of wastewater.