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Aqua-Aerobic Systems for Phosphorus Removal

Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers a complete line of technologies to remove phosphorus from wastewater.

Aqua-Aerobic AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor
Aqua-Aerobic AquaSBR Sequencing Batch Reactor

The current regulatory landscape demands more rigorous phosphorus removal standards, presenting an ongoing challenge for wastewater treatment plants. Compliance with these standards is outlined in the NPDES permit issued by each state’s Department of Environmental Protection. The permit specifies the pollutants a facility must remove. Achieving high-level phosphorus removal, crucial for plants operating under Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) limits, often necessitates levels below 0.8 mg/l. Facilities within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed face even stricter requirements, mandating Enhanced Nutrient Removal (ENR) and phosphorus levels below 0.3 mg/l. Installing an AquaSBR system, offers a promising solution to meet these standards effectively.

True Batch SBR

The AquaSBR sequencing batch reactor is a variation of the activated sludge process where all phases of treatment are accomplished within a single reactor. It is a “true-batch” system is proven to be an efficient, reliable means of wastewater treatment capable of producing high-quality effluent with low levels of BOD, TSS, Turbidity, Total Nitrogen, and Total Phosphorus.

The AquaSBR is a “true-batch” SBR that does not allow influent to enter the SBR basin during the final react, settle, and decant phases. “True-batch” ensures that short-circuiting will not occur and the final effluent quality will be excellent.

AquaDisk Tertiary Filter

Aqua-Aerobic Systems AquaDisk Cloth Media Filters
Aqua-Aerobic Systems AquaDisk Cloth Media Filters

To attain reduced phosphorus levels, tertiary filtration becomes essential. The AquaSBR, coupled with an AquaDisk cloth media filter, is an effective combination for achieving these lower levels. The AquaDisk cloth media filter comprises vertical cylindrical disks enveloped in pile cloth media. This unique design allows clarified effluent to pass through each disk, while solids are retained on the cloth media surface. Adding aluminum or iron-based coagulants ahead of the AquaDisk cloth media filter, further reduces total phosphorus levels.

The AquaSBR combined with the AquaDisk Cloth Media Filter has proven to produce high-quality effluent with very low levels of BOD, TSS, Turbidity, Total Nitrogen, and Total Phosphorus. In addition, the AquaDisk filter requires very low backwash water, reducing treatment costs and energy usage.

When combined, the AquaSBR system and AquaDisk filter offer optimum phosphorus removal with the following significant benefits compared to other treatment methods:

  • Small footprint
  • Simplified operation with fully automated controls
  • Fewer maintenance requirements
  • Low lifecycle cost
Aqua-Aerobic AquaDisk Cloth Media Tertiary Filter
Aqua-Aerobic AquaDisk Cloth Media Tertiary Filter

Existing plants that operate a secondary treatment process and cannot meet the low phosphorus levels required by their NPDES permit install an AquaDisk filter into the existing treatment scheme.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems for Phosphorus Removal

When removing phosphorus, it’s essential to find a company with extensive experience. Aqua-Aerobic Systems has been providing quality wastewater treatment systems since 1969. They incorporate extensive research and an engineering approach to offer their customers the best results possible.

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