Aqua-Aerobic AquaPrime Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration

AquaPrime® Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration

Primary filtration is an emerging advanced primary treatment technology in wastewater treatment. Many plants are using it to completely replace conventional primary clarifiers, thereby reducing the organic load to the secondary treatment process, saving energy, and increasing plant capacity.

Primary filtration is an innovative wastewater treatment technology that effectively removes suspended solids, fats, oils, and grease from raw wastewater using a cloth media filter.

Aqua-Aerobic AquaPrime Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration of Wastewater to Replace Primary Clarifiers
Aqua-Aerobic AquaPrime Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration of Wastewater to Replace Primary Clarifiers

The use of primary filtration technology reduces the amount of organic matter that enters the secondary treatment process, resulting in a significant reduction in the energy required to treat wastewater.

Moreover, primary filtration can increase the capacity of wastewater treatment plants by eliminating the need for primary clarifiers. Primary clarifiers are large, costly, and space-intensive tanks used in conventional wastewater treatment to settle suspended solids. By eliminating primary clarifiers, wastewater treatment plants can save space and reduce capital and operational costs.

Aqua-Aerobic’s AquaPrime® filters remove biological oxygen demand (BOD5) and volatile suspended solids (VSS) from raw wastewater, reducing activated sludge loading and increasing gas production in anaerobic digesters.

WWTPs often need to increase treatment capacity but have limited space to install additional equipment. The AquaPrime® filter is the solution to this problem.

The AquaPrime® cloth media filter uses vertical disks with OptiFiber® pile cloth media to filter solids-laden wastewater without chemicals.

It is ideal for primary wastewater treatment due to its proven removal efficiencies and high-quality effluent, even under varying influent conditions.

Aqua-Aerobic's AquaPrime Cloth Media Filter Pilot Demonstration Unit
Aqua-Aerobic’s AquaPrime Cloth Media Filter Pilot Demonstration Unit


  • Reduced energy costs in the secondary process due to a lower organic load
  • A small footprint saves space
  • Re-directs organic load to anaerobic digesters for increased gas production
  • Improved effluent quality
  • No chemicals required
  • The low total cost of ownership

Primary filtration is a promising advancement in wastewater treatment that improves the efficiency of the wastewater treatment process.


Pilot units are available to demonstrate the process, allowing you to validate performance and optimize the design.

Aqua-Aerobic’s engineers will develop the testing protocol to collect the data needed to provide you with comprehensive on-site testing and field data. In addition, Aqua-Aerobic’s pilot units offer prompt operational feedback, with immediate fine-tuning of operating parameters for the most effective pilot/demonstration experience.

Get hands-on experience, see the results, and choose the right equipment. Contact Envirep to learn more about pilot filters.

Click here to download a white paper on primary wastewater filtration.

Aqua-Aerobic AquaDisk Cloth Media Filters

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