Gorman-Rupp Suction Lift Pumps

Compelling Reasons to Choose Gorman-Rupp

When choosing pumping equipment, the focus should be on achieving the best long-term system performance, not just the lowest initial cost. Here are some compelling reasons to select Gorman-Rupp wastewater pumping stations.

Low Lifetime Costs

The total lifetime cost of a pumping station includes its purchase, installation, operation, and maintenance expenses. Evaluating all these costs when choosing equipment is crucial, as making the proper selection leads to substantial long-term savings.


Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumps feature semi-open impellers for handling large solids. The pumps can be enhanced with Eradicator Plus™ anti-clogging technology for extreme-duty wastewater applications.

Easy to Maintain

Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumps offer simple maintenance with a full-sized cover plate for easy access to clear clogs or replace the impeller. The rotating assembly is quickly removed using common hand tools.

Safety is a Compelling Reason to Choose Gorman Rupp
Safety is a Compelling Reason to Choose Gorman Rupp

Operator Safety

Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumps situated in an above ground enclosure, ensuring a safe working environment. Maintenance is conducted inside the pump room, eliminating confined space risks and exposure to hazardous substances. No electrical wiring or junction boxes are necessary in the wet well.

Life Expectancy

Gorman-Rupp pumps have a remarkable track record, with an average life expectancy exceeding 30 years!

Spare Parts Availability is one of the compelling reasons to choose Gorman-Rupp
Spare Parts Availability is one of the compelling reasons to choose Gorman-Rupp

Availability of Spare Parts

Spare parts availability is a compelling reason to choose Gorman-Rupp. Gorman-Rupp keeps a substantial stock of spare parts in Mansfield, Ohio, ensuring prompt shipping for most orders. Envirep located in Camp Hill, PA, also has a significant inventory of Gorman-Rupp spare parts. This is one of many reasons operators choose Gorman-Rupp.

Premium Efficient Motors

Gorman-Rupp utilizes off-the-shelf NEMA Premium Efficient ODP and TEFC motors. The motor is physically separate from the pump, maximizing motor life and ensuring that a pump seal failure does not cause motor damage. Replacement motors are found locally, avoiding the long delivery times.

V-Belt Driven

V-belt drives offer critical advantages over direct-driven pumps: they allow quick and cost-effective adjustment of the pumping rate by changing belts and sheaves. They also absorb shock during pump startup and clogging, safeguarding critical components like the impeller, shaft, seal, bearings, and motors from damage.

Peak Pump Efficiency

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump Installation
Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump Installation

Gorman-Rupp pumps boast a user-friendly design for hassle-free impeller-to-wear plate clearance adjustment without draining the pump or dismantling drive components. This smart feature maintains design capacity, ensures peak efficiency, and maximizes the life of wearing parts.

Pumps and Motors are High and Dry

Gorman-Rupp suction lift pumps are conveniently located above ground to provide easy access for inspection and preventive maintenance. The pumps, motors, valves, and controls are housed in a warm, dry, and hazard-free environment, perfect for operators.

Large Inspection Cover

Gorman-Rupp pumps have a large removable inspection cover plate for easy removal of clogs. This user-friendly design simplifies the unclogging process.

Service Agreements

Regular pump servicing is essential for maintaining peak efficiency. Envirep provides service agreements for routine maintenance performed by our factory-trained technicians. Our highly skilled service team possesses extensive hands-on experience with Gorman-Rupp equipment.

Great startup is one of many compelling reasons to choose Gorman-Rupp
Great startup is one of many compelling reasons to choose Gorman-Rupp

Customer Support

Gorman-Rupp and Envirep excel in customer service. Our skilled service team specializes in pump station startup, maintenance, and troubleshooting, assisting with mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical issues by phone or in the field. We help you with your pumping equipment needs and optimizing system performance. Trust us to deliver the right solution for your pumping applications with the expertise to make it work.

Envirep is the manufacturer’s representative for Gorman-Rupp equipment in Eastern PA, MD, DE, Northern VA, and Washington, D.C.

by Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep


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