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Flow Data at Wastewater Pumping Stations

OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring Systems require accurate wet well volumes for Volumetric Flow Measurements.

Accurate flow data at wastewater pumping stations is essential for effective decision-making in managing and enhancing the efficiency of collection systems, preventing sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs), and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Utilities operating and maintaining pump stations traditionally conduct periodic site visits to manually collect and record flow data at wastewater pumping stations. However, OmniSite offers cost-effective solutions by automating data collection and transmission, reducing the need for frequent site visits.

OmniSite’s monitoring units empower operators and system managers with precise and dependable flow data, enabling informed flow management decisions without the necessity for frequent visits to each pumping station.

OmniSite provides accurate and reliable flow data by one of the following methods:

Volumetric Flow Calculations

    OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring and Alarm System
    OmniSite Flow Monitoring at Wastewater Pumping Stations

    OmniSite calculates influent and pumped flow data using volumetric flow calculations, uploaded to the GuardDog website. This method eliminates costly flow meters and provides accurate data for most flow conditions. However, it may need to be more accurate in scenarios such as when inflow rates exceed pump capacities or when variable speed drives are used. 

    Flow Meters

    The OmniSite records flow data directly from flow meters, transmitting it via cellular technology to the GuardDog website or smartphone app. The website organizes the flow data from the flow meters in charts and graphs and allows the operators to review the data to identify any issues. If there is an anomaly, operations personnel can be dispatched to inspect the site and pumping equipment.

    OmniSite’s cloud-based cellular monitoring systems save time and money by providing valuable operating data and alarm notifications. They also improve system efficiency and reduced operation and maintenance costs.

    OmniSite can record flow readings from a Magnetic Flow Meter.
    Magnetic Flow Meter

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