Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Pumping Station with 6x6 Tall Enclosure

Upgrade to a Gorman-Rupp Above-Ground Pump Station

Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Lift Station
Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Lift Station

Upgrading a submersible wastewater pump station to a Gorman-Rupp above-ground is easy. An above-ground Gorman-Rupp pump station can easily be installed on the existing valve vault. The new self-priming pumps use the discharge piping from the submersible pumps as their suction piping, simplifying installation.

Key Features of Gorman-Rupp Above-Ground Pumping Stations

  • Confined Space Elimination: Say goodbye to confined spaces with an above-ground solution.
  • No Electricity or Wiring in Wet Well: Enhanced safety with no electrical components in the wet well.
  • Ease of Access: Convenient access to pumps, motors, and valves for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Streamlined Maintenance: Pumps designed for easy maintenance.

Easy Conversion with Gorman-Rupp Components

Upgrading from a submersible pumping station to an above-ground pumping station is easy when you source all components from Gorman-Rupp. The pumps, motors, controls, and fiberglass enclosure can be assembled at the factory and shipped to the job site completely. This streamlined process can help simplify the conversion and minimize the time and effort required on-site. Supplying all components by a single manufacturer can also help ensure compatibility and reduce the risk of problems during installation.

These Drawings Clarify the Upgrade

An above-ground pump station offers several advantages in terms of accessibility and maintenance. With all mechanical and electrical equipment above ground, monitoring and performing routine maintenance without requiring specialized equipment and safety procedures is easy. Connect the pump station discharge to the existing force main easily, and the valve vault is no longer a hazardous work area. This can help improve the overall safety and efficiency of the pumping station operations.

With the pump station located above ground, one operator can now safely access and maintain all the equipment at the station without the need for cranes, crane trucks, confined space equipment, and emergency safety procedures.

The heated and ventilated fiberglass enclosure provides a warm, dry, non-hazardous environment for the equipment and operators. This allows the operator to quickly and easily inspect the pumping equipment and perform all necessary maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Wastewater Pumping Station
Gorman-Rupp Above-Ground Wastewater Pumping Station

Above-Ground Pump Station Service and Support

Both Gorman-Rupp and Envirep offer quality service and support to their customers. Envirep’s Service Department, well-versed in pumping station operations, offers start-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting expertise. Service contracts are available for regular maintenance and service by trained technicians.

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By Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep/TLC