Gorman-Rupp Water Booster Pump Station in Blaine, PA

Gorman-Rupp Water Booster Pump Stations: Elevating Water Distribution

Welcome to Gorman-Rupp’s Water Booster Pump Stations, where reliability, efficiency, and innovation meet to provide custom solutions for municipal water supplies.

Pressure Booster Pump Station in Mounty Airy, MD
Pressure Booster Pump Station in Mount Airy, MD

Comprehensive Solutions

Gorman-Rupp water booster pump stations come in various sizes and configurations, meeting the diverse requirements of local distribution systems. Complete with pumps, motors, valves, piping, ventilation, lighting, and controls in a single integrated package, these stations ensure smooth operation.

Advantages of Packaged Pump Stations

Experience the benefits of Gorman-Rupp’s pump stations, offering low-cost solutions to meet your needs.

  • Engineering Support: Our team provides expert design assistance.
  • Skillful Manufacturing and Assembly: Meticulous craftsmanship ensures high quality.
  • Expert Project Management: Seamless coordination from concept to completion.
  • Rigorous Factory Testing: Stations undergo testing for reliability.
  • Comprehensive Startup: Hassle-free deployment with detailed startup support.
Control Panel Exterior View in Mount Airy, MD
Control Panel Exterior View in Mount Airy, MD

Control Panels and Accessories

Each pressure boosting system has a custom control panel featuring state-of-the-art components, including programmable logic controllers (PLC), operator interfaces, variable frequency drives, pressure transducers, and various control options. Different accessories like building HVAC, double doors, chemical injection systems, and lifting cranes enhance performance.

Design Assistance

Our dedicated team offers design assistance, including AutoCAD layout drawings, customized specifications, budget pricing, and critical support in equipment selection and hydraulic calculations.

Flexible Installation Options

Choose between durable weather-proof fiberglass enclosures or skid-mounted installations within a building. Benefit from remote monitoring capabilities, ensuring real-time visibility into system performance and enabling proactive maintenance to minimize downtime.

UL-Listed Control Panels

Gorman-Rupp’s UL control panel shop guarantees detailed craftsmanship, providing professionally made panels with the best electrical components. Furthermore, these panels ensure control of pumps, ventilation, lighting, and heating systems, meeting the highest safety and performance standards.

Our factory-trained service specialists provide startup, service, and repair on all equipment we sell.
Our qualified service specialists provide startup, service, and repair on all equipment we sell.

Factory-Engineered Reliability

What sets Gorman-Rupp apart is factory-engineered reliability. Each water pressure booster station undergoes precise engineering and consistent testing. Doing so ensures quick and easy startup and operation.

Startup and Service

Envirep’s Service Department offers comprehensive startup services and owner training led by highly skilled technicians specializing in operating and maintaining pumping equipment and controls. Each project receives a detailed startup report, to ensure documentation.

Exclusive Warranty for Peace of Mind

Every Gorman-Rupp booster pumping station comes with an exclusive 5-year guarantee; as noted, our goal is to provide peace of mind and assure lasting reliability.

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By Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep/TLC