C.E. Shepherd Trickling Filter Media

C.E. Shepherd Trickling Filter Media

Envirep represents C.E. Shepherd Company to offer fixed film products for attached growth wastewater treatment applications, new construction or replacement media including:

  • Trickling Filters
  • Oxidation Towers
  • Roughing Towers
  • Biotowers
  • Nitrification and Denitrification towers
  • Submerged Fixed Bed systems
  • Anaerobic reactors and Biofilters

VARi-PAC CF Series is a modular, corrugated sheet media specifically designed for fixed film (attached growth), biological treatment systems. We offer a full range of geometries and structural designs ideally suited for any municipal or industrical wastewater application.

Key Features and Characteristics:

  • Available in PP or PVC materials, various surface areas and dimensions
  • Durable/proven solvent bonds, heat bonding available
  • Industry Standard - Conforms to municipal trickling filter media specifications
  • Temperature/chemical resistant
  • Alignment locator pins ensure proper sheet-tosheet alignment
  • UV protected for long life
  • Rigid modules have high compressive strength capacity
  • Easily cuts for fitting around tank walls

Available Complementary Product Lines:

VARi-PIER - Engineered Support System with adjustable pier height, infinite slope correcting base (up to 8%), corrosion resistant construction.

VARi-DEK - Protective Surface Grating, selfinterlocking panels.

C.E. Shepherd’s VARi-PAC CF Series Cross Flow Media is specifically designed for biological attached growth (fixed film) wastewater treatment systems. The cross flow design provides a highly efficient design for organic removal, nitrification, denitrification, and anaerobic treatment systems treating both municipal, industrial or combined wastewaters. CF Series media is resistant to rot, fungi, bacteria, acids, and alkalis commonly present in municipal/industrial wastewaters.

Applications CF Series modules are effective for circular and rectangular systems which utilize either rotary distributors or fixed nozzle distribution systems.

  • Ideal for new construction or replacement media for existing trickling filters, biotowers, nitrification towers, biofilters, anaerobic reactors.
  • Easily replaces rock, wood, or random dump style media.
  • Increases retention time and improves performance by increasing overall surface area, extending wastewaterbiomass contact time and improved wastewater distribution and overall ventilation.
  • Ideally suited for submerged bed / fixed - film systems, aerobic or anaerobic. Cross fluted design improves liquid mixing throughout the media bed and high void areas reduce excess solids retention while maximizing air and liquid mixing within the bed.


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