Envirep works with EBARA Pumps Americas Corporation (EPAC) to provide engineered pumps, pump products, and related services for the water and wastewater industry. They offer reliable product knowledge, application expertise, and after-sale support, including parts replacement and repair.

For over a century, EBARA has consistently, professionally, and passionately worked to build a wide range of pump products. The company has a line of corrosion-resistant pumps such as multistage, submersible, sump, and effluent and sewage pumps. With horsepower ranges up to 800 HP and capacities up to 35,000 GPM, their cast iron submersible pumps have been designed to meet a wide range of industrial, flood control, and municipal wastewater applications.

Product Line Offerings

The company also provides a custom-made line of cast-iron pumps to suit diverse applications and environments. Some of their essential products include:

  • Submersible sewage pumps
  • Semi-vortex submersible pumps
  • Vortex submersible pumps
  • Grinder submersible pumps
  • Non-clog submersible pumps
  • Dry pit pumps
  • Clean water pumps
  • End suction centrifugal pumps
  • Multistage centrifugal pumps

With the rapidly changing environmental and energy demands and costs, EBARA Pumps Americas Corporation is committed to providing the most efficient water pumps, waste-water pumps, and other pump products to meet clients’ needs.


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