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About EcoVerde Technologies

Envirep is proud to represent EcoVerde Technologies. Envirep’s partnership with EcoVerde Technologies helps to provide customers with quick design and proposal turnarounds, competitive pricing, and prompt delivery of odor control products.

EcoVerde Technologies provides innovative and economical odor control systems. The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of environmental products and services in odor control, carbon adsorption, degasifier, chemical scrubber, and biotrickling filters.

EcoVerde clients enjoy a wide range of benefits, including fast design and proposal turnarounds, prompt delivery of products and services, competitive prices, comprehensive after-sales service, and support services before, during, and after installation.

Odor Control Systems

EG Biotrickling Filters and Bioscrubbers - engineered to eliminate corruption, eliminate the use of chemicals, resolve odor complaints, reduce installation, operation, and maintenance costs, and lower energy consumption.

EG-C Carbon Adsorber – often the best alternative for some odor control applications. The EG Carbon Systems provide superior quality service when used as a polisher or as the main odor control system. The company uses a wide range of adsorption systems to eliminate low-level order, VOCs, and H2S.

EG-Purflo Degasifiers - manufactured to remove pollutants and gases from supply water by conveying the water through a media and forming a thin film on top of the tower surface area. The process helps to oxidize iron and manganese and release gases such as methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide while allowing volatile substances like phenol to vaporize as a stream of moving air.

E.G ChemPac Wet Scrubbers – used to treat odors from caustic solutions, ammonia, mercaptins, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine compounds, and others.

By partnering with EcoVerde, Envirep helps to bring EcoVerde’s products and services closer to the consumer and ensure that clients continue getting custom solutions designed to meet their needs and goals, competitive pricing, and after installation support.


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