Saveco Screens and Grit Systems

Envirep represents SAVÉCO® for screening and grit management equipment for the water and wastewater industry in PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, and VA.

Several years ago, Enviro-Care was acquired by the WAMGROUP®, a large multi-national corporation. The WAMGROUP, which also owned SAVI (Beast) and SPECO (Screw Screen), combined the three companies to form SAVÉCO. Enviro-Care is now SAVÉCO and is the same company, at the exact location, with the same equipment and experienced employees.

Screening and grit removal are indispensable first steps for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Coarse material, including rags and other debris, must be removed to protect the downstream treatment equipment and processes against damage. In addition, screening optimizes plant performance and reduces operator workload by avoiding costly downtime.

SAVÉCO offers a wide variety of fine and coarse screens with a wide range of screen openings. They also provide screenings conveying, washing, compacting, sludge conveyors, and grit removal and separation systems.


SAVÉCO® of Gurnee, Illinois, supplies pretreatment screens and solids/grit management equipment for water and wastewater applications. SAVÉCO of Gurnee, Illinois is the marketing, sales, and engineering subsidiary in North America for the full line of SAVI® and SPECO® products, FSM® screens, WAM® conveyors, and ROMAG CSO screens.


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Saveco® FSM® FilterScreen Perforated Plate Belt Screen

The FSM Filter Screen is a fine screen with a very high capture rate. The screen is a fully automatic, self-cleaning screen constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel. Perforations from 3 mm to 12 mm provide excellent solids removal and protection of downstream equipment. The screenings capture for a screen with 6 mm holes is double that of a 6 mm bar screen.

One of the unique features of the FilterScreen is the self-adjusting brush mechanism that keeps the brush at the optimal cleaning position. This reduces brush wear and guarantees a high capture rate. The half-round shape of the perforated panels and the minimal gap between the panels are other significant contributors to high capture and efficient cleaning.

Independent, verified testing results show the FSM Filterscreen with an 85% capture with 6 mm perforated openings.

Saveco® Flo-Drum Inclined, In-Channel Rotating Drum Screen

The Flo-Drum fine screen has an exceptionally high capture rate, as proven by recent UK-WIR tests. For example, a Flo-Drum with 2 mm perforated plate has a verified capture of 86%. Depending on screen media and opening, this screen can be a high-performance wastewater screen or a highly efficient MBR pretreatment screen.

The rotating drum’s triple seal, exterior cleaning brush, and water spray enhance capture by keeping even small debris inside the screen drum. Screenings captured on the interior of the drum surface are deposited into the auger trough. The auger moves the screenings out of the trough and on to the washing and dewatering sections.

Saveco® MultiRake Perforated Plate Screen

Independent testing has proven that perforated plate screens have higher capture rates as high as 85%, depending on the design. Conversely, bar-type screens achieve capture of less than 35%. The SAVI® GVS Multi-Rake Perforated Plate Screens is a unique MultiRake screen design with stainless steel perforated plate to achieve higher debris capture. Multiple wipers remove the debris from the perforated plate and transport the screened material to discharge.

The MultiRake Perf is installed in concrete channels at 75 degrees, or 90 degrees for deep, narrow channels and wet wells. The screen is available in a stainless steel tank for pumped flows. The low-maintenance design is an excellent choice for remote locations.

Saveco® Wastemaster 35° Shaftless Screw Screen

The Saveco’s wastewater division of WAM® manufacturers more shaftless spirals and screw screens than any other manufacturer. Their ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility and Saveco’s value-engineered design combine to produce the highest quality screw screen.

The Wastemaster Screw Screen addresses the needs of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities with flows to 9 MGD. The system screens, conveys, and dewaters debris captured in a channel or pumped to a tank. In addition, a washing function can be added to produce cleaner, drier debris and put more organics back into the process. Independent testing verified a 52% capture ratio for the Wastemaster 35° screen.

Saveco® The Beast Septage-FOG-Sludge Screening System

The BEAST has proven its resilience on the most demanding septage-FOG-sludge screening applications. The BEAST screens all types of debris from vactor truckloads by removing inorganic material from fats, oils, and grease.

The short influent tank allows the influent to discharge directly into the rotating drum screen. As the screen rotates, debris is collected on flights that carry the debris around the drum screen and deposit them into the auger trough. The auger conveys the debris from the trough into the washing/dewatering zones.

There is no need for a rock trap or expensive grinders. The screen and auger easily remove any rocks that can pass through the discharge hose from the truck. Rags and large debris are no problem for the BEAST. Dumpsters receiving discharge from the BEAST have contained towels, T-shirts, screwdrivers, rocks, straws, and other debris.

The dual drive feature allows the screen and auger to rotate independently and adapt to the debris load. The drum screen is at a 25° angle and rotates slower than the auger for better capture. The auger rotates faster to quickly remove the debris. The screen drive is located at the top of the drum and eliminates support arms at the influent end of the drum. This provides a complete, unobstructed path for the flow to enter the drum.

Saveco® The Beast Trucked-In-Waste Receiving Station with Hauler Station and Flo-Logic® software

It is a fully integrated system specifically for septage pretreatment made up of three main components:

  • BEAST in-tank septage screen
  • Hauler Station with Access Panel
  • Flo-Logic Software

The BEAST screens rags and debris from the septage, then conveys, washes, and dewaters the debris, then discharges the compressed screenings into a dumpster. The BEAST eliminates the problems that plague other septage receiving screens and features the following:

  • High throughput for fast truck unloading times
  • High screenings capture efficiency
  • It does not require a rock trap or grinder on the influent
  • Stainless steel construction

The Hauler Station provides data logging, reporting/invoicing, and security for the BEAST. It includes a NEMA 4X stainless steel enclosure, control, keypad, display, card reader, printer, programmable logic controller, surge protection, valve control, flow meter, and inlet valve control.

Flo-Logic® management software allows haulers to have secure access 24/7 by using a key card. Data on flow, volume, and types of waste loads are collected, monitored, and used to generate invoices. Flo-Logic software has a reporting feature that shows daily totals volume and truck usage. It is very flexible and can be modified to meet the facility’s needs.

Lock Link® Catenary-style Multi-Rake Front Cleaning Bar Screen

Catenary-Style bar screens were introduced over 20 years ago. They provide downstream protection consistent with multi-rake bar screens plus the flexibility of the catenary bar screen design.

The Lock Link® screen is a front-clean, front return type chain operated bar screen. Chain links & cleaning rakes descend on the upstream side of the bar rack. The Lock Link screen has features designed to maintain the flexibility of this screen while increasing the strength and life of the components. The Lock Link can handle debris of various types and sizes.

One of the most significant new features is the auto-reversing chain rake system. This design feature enables the rake to reposition large objects in the channel so the forward motion of the rake can capture the object and remove it.

Saveco® Wastemaster 90° Vertical Shafted Screw Screen

This SPECO screening system is designed for pump station wet wells and can handle up to 2.0 MGD peak flows. Wastewater enters the screen through a flanged connection with the inlet pipe. A quick-disconnect flange and hoist mechanism allows the screen to be removed from the wet well for service.

Segmented brushes provide continuous screen cleaning and are designed for ease of replacement. The perforated plate screen is available with 3, 6, or 10 mm openings. A shaftless spiral transports the captured solids to the dewatering zone, achieving a solids volume reduction of up to 40%.

Saveco® RotoDrum RTV - Internally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen

The Saveco internally-fed rotating drum screen provides high-performance screening and low maintenance. The screen cylinder sits at a 5 degree angle of inclination in order to provide a longer retention time and promote higher capture rate. Full cylinder dewatering flights gently roll the solids forward to discharge.

These units incorporate unique operating and maintenance features. Without removing the full-screen covers or screen cylinder, the trunnions, spray bar and brush can be easily accessed via individual maintenance covers. Two additional access points act as observation ports that enable plant personnel to monitor cylinder operation and screenings discharge.

Saveco® Flo-DrumSieve SGR - Externally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen

The Flo-DrumSieve externally-fed screen with stainless steel wedge wire media has a very small footprint and excellent solids loading characteristics. The screen uses wedge wire to effectively capture hard-to-screen solids such as greasy material in both municipal and industrial applications.

As influent enters the headbox of the unit, a distribution baffle slows the liquid allowing it to pass up and over the exterior of the screen at a consistent flow. Solids are collected on the outside of the screen and are removed by a cleaning blade.

Liquid passes through the screen and creates a self-cleaning action on the opposite side of the screen cylinder as it rotates. A spray bar is located in the interior of the screen cylinder to assist the self-cleaning process. An integral tank below the screen collects the filtrate and directs it through the discharge outlet.

Saveco® Wastecom Screw Conveying Compactor

The Saveco Screw Conveying Compactor is a low maintenance, high reliability conveying compactor for municipal and industrial applications. The compaction zone can achieve a 40% reduction in screenings volume and is equipped with a patented self-cleaning drainage screen. A shaftless screw keeps the solids moving toward discharge as the diaphragm provides back pressure. Liquid is discharged through the holes in the drainage screen and captured by the collection box. The shaftless screw has no intermediate hanger bearings to snag solids.

Saveco® Wash Press Washer Compactor

The FSM wash press reduces the weight and volume of screenings by removing the organics from the debris. This heavy-duty wash press releases more than 95% of the fecal matter and returns it to the biological process. The washed debris is dewatered and ready for disposal. Weight and volume reduction is 60 – 70%.

Saveco® Vortex Grit Chamber

The Saveco Vortex Grit Chamber features a small footprint, low headloss, and no submerged wear parts. The sloped floor and impeller provide excellent grit settling and elimination of light organics. The impeller blade speed controls rejects light organic material that exits with the effluent while allowing grit to settle in the lower grit hopper. Grit is removed from the lower grit hopper by a self-priming pump. The pump discharges the grit slurry into a Saveco Grit Classifier or Grit Washer for further processing.

Saveco® Shaftless & Shafted Screw Conveyors

Saveco’s screw conveyors transport dewatered sludge, screenings, and other bulk materials. Saveco provides WAM® components for complete conveying systems, including shaftless and shafted screw conveyors, hoppers, chutes, and structural supports. Depending on sludge characteristics and other requirements, the conveyors can be custom-fabricated with various liner materials.

ROMAG RSW Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Screens

ROMAG CSO screens are designed to keep debris in the wastewater channel and out of receiving waters during a stormwater event. The ROMAG CSO screens keep the solids and debris in the channel so they can be removed by WWTP headworks screens and processed for disposal.

The vertical bar screens with 4 mm openings parallel the channel and flow. A fixed weir at the midpoint of the screen controls the velocity and starts the overflow. The variable length and modular design allow for custom configuration with a single screen flow up to 100 MGD. A cleaning carriage with triangular combs is located on the rear side of the screen. The carriage cleans the captured debris from the bar screen modules and moves it to the downstream side of the screen where it remains in the channel and is sent to the plant. The screen cleaning is controlled by level sensors.


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