Enviro-Care Screens and Grit Systems

Envirep represents Enviro-Care in supplying screening and grit management equipment for the water and wastewater industry in PA, NJ, MD, DE, DC, and VA.

Screening and grit removal are indispensable first steps in the treatment of wastewater for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Coarse material including rags and other debris must be removed in order to protect the downstream treatment equipment and processes against damage. It is important to completely remove floating, settling and suspended material from the waste stream and discharge it into a dumpster. Screening reduces operator workload by avoiding costly downtime.

Enviro-Care offers a wide variety of in-channel, gravity-fed, and pumped-flow fine and coarse screens with a wide range of screen openings. They also offer screenings conveying, washing and dewatering equipment, and grit removal and separation systems.

About Enviro-Care Company

Enviro-Care Company of Gurnee Illinois supplies pretreatment screens and solids/grit management equipment for water and wastewater applications. Enviro-Care was purchased by the SAVECO 2015 and is now the marketing/sales/engineering subsidiary in North America for the full line of SAVI® and SPECO® products including the SAVI® BEAST Septage-FOG-Sludge screening systems, FSM® screens, SPECO® screw screens, WAM® conveyors, and ROMAG CSO screens.

Enviro-Care Products

  • FSM®® Perforated Plate Belt Screen
  • FSM® Multi-Angle Perforated Plate Belt Screen – αβ
  • FSM® Dual Flow Perforated Plate Belt Screen
  • SAVI®Flo-Drum Inclined, In-Channel Rotating Drum Screen
  • SAVI® MultiRake Perforated Plate Screen
  • SAVI® Wastemaster 35° Shaftless Screw Screen
  • SAVI® Wastemaster 90° Vertical Shafted Screw Screen
  • SAVI® Wastemaster Mini Screw Screen
  • SAVI® MultiRake GVB Coarse Bar Screen
  • SAVI® MultiRake GVF Fine Bar Screen
  • Lock Link® Catenary-style Multi-Rake Front Cleaning Bar Screen
  • SAVI® The Beast Septage-FOG-Sludge Screening System
  • SAVI® The Beast Trucked-In-Waste Receiving Station with hauler station can Flo-Logic® software
  • SAVI® RotoDrum RTV - Internally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen
  • SAVI® DrumSieve SGR - Externally-Fed Rotating Drum Screen
  • SAVI® Washer Compactors
  • SPECO® Wastecom Screw Conveying Compactor
  • SAVI® Flo-Press CMP - Hydraulic Ram Press
  • SAVI® Vortex Grit Removal System DSP - Circular Grit Trap
  • SPECO® Gritsep FGC – Fluid Dynamic Grit Classifier
  • FSM® Gritsep DS – Settling Grit Classifier
  • FSM® Grit Washer SWA - High Performance Grit Separation & Washing
  • WAM Conveyors SS & SCM - Shaftless & Shafted Conveyors
  • SPECO® Wastemaster Compact Plant TSF 2-3 - Combined Pre-Treatment System
  • ROMAG RSW Combined Sewer Overflow - CSO - Screens


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