Greasezilla FOG Treatment Systems

About Greasezilla

Envirep is proud to represent Greasezilla to help customers treat fats, oils and grease (FOG) from the grease trap waste, generate income from waste, and run a greener, more eco-friendly operation.

Greasezilla is a located in Lansing, West Virginia. FOG waste is a costly dilemma in the wastewater industry. Greasezilla turns this costly headache into a potentially profitable venture by removing brown grease from collected FOG.

Greasezilla is focused on the resolving the problem of grease trap waste on collection systems and wastewater treatment facilities. Traditionally, grease was dumped untreated into sewer systems causing sewer blockages, sanitary sewer overflows and upsets of wastewater treatment plants.

Greasezilla’s approach is to provide a profitable solution to the FOG problem. The Greasezilla system generates its heat using the biofuel it produces. No fossil fuels, blending, or additional processing are required. Greasezilla eliminates costs related to dewatering, drying, lagooning, incinerating, hauling, treatment upsets, digester foaming, and more.

Greasezilla has been selected to provide FOG separation technology in many communities. For example, Hampton Roads Sanitation District is installing Greasezilla at the Nansemond Wastewater Treatment Plant.


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