Grind Hog Comminutors by GET Industries

About Grind Hog

Envirep represents GET Industries with Grind Hog Comminutor to help clients get the best sewage treatment solutions. Grind Hog is an excellent company to partner with because they are globally renowned for manufacturing high-quality and efficient sewage comminutors.

Grind Hog specializes in manufacturing comminutors for sewage treatment plants. They have over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality custom installations, modifications, and retrofits to suit most sewage installations. They specialize in providing comminutors for municipal and industrial treatment plants and pumping stations.

Ground Hog Comminutors

Comminutors are specialized equipment used in most wastewater facilities. They are designed to shred, grind, and solid screen materials and objects such as plastics and diapers. Grind Hog comminutors have a rugged and durable design capable of offering the best wastewater comminutor in every installation type.

Need To Retrofit An Existing Comminutor?

Various retrofit Grind Hog™ comminutors are available for replacing Worthington, Jones & Attwood, Chicago Pump, Smith & Loveless, Franklin Miller, Ecodyne, Clow Aer-O-Flo, Infilco Degremont, Hydro-Aerobics, Pollution Control, and JWC among others.

Custom retrofits options are also available with various models offering a wide selection of flow rates to meet a variety of treatment applications.

By partnering with Ground Hog, Envirep looks forward to giving more municipalities and industrial plants more straightforward access to the best wastewater management comminutors from Ground Hog.


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