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Envirep represents Hidrostal, a manufacturer of high-quality, low-maintenance, energy-efficient pumps. Hidrostal produces a wide array of pumps for municipal wastewater pumping applications

Hidrostal wastewater pumps combine reliability with high efficiency to offer you the lowest cost of ownership. They are designed for submersible and dry pit installations to handle the most demanding applications.

Hidrostal pumps feature the unique Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Impeller. The impeller has excellent solids handling capability, making the pump adept at handling raw unscreened sewage. The screw centrifugal impeller combines the action of a positive displacement screw with a single-vane centrifugal impeller with unique advantages for handling thick sludges, large solids, rags, wipes, and other fibrous debris without clogging.

The screw impeller is the perfect design for solids handling applications and gives the pump advantages such as:

  • Extremely steep and stable Q-H curve
  • High efficiencies
  • Excellent solids passing capabilities
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • Low NPSH requirements.

Due to the increased requirements for clog-free operation, Hidrostal is the optimum solution for pumping wastewater with both large and fibrous solids, as well as thick sludges. In addition to the screw centrifugal impeller, the new Anti-Clog Technology provides an innovative solution for smooth clog-free operation.

Hidrostal has a reputation for original thinking and innovative pump technology. This is built into the company’s high-quality pumps. They serve numerous applications in a wide range of industries, particularly suitable for liquids laden with solids and viscous liquids.


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The impeller has a single spiral vane with large open passages and an extended turn from the axial to the radial direction.

The Hidrostal is not a traditional non-clog pump. It is a hybrid that utilizes the best features of a positive displacement type screw pump – crossed with a single vane centrifugal pump. This combination provides an unmatched performance of effectiveness & efficiency.

Hidrostal provides reliable and efficient pumps for your most demanding wastewater applications. The superior hydraulic design is backed by a company committed to improvement and technology.

Hidrostal offers pumps in many different arrangements including:

  • Submersible guide rail mounted
  • Dry pit submersible pumps
  • Base mounted horizontal close-coupled
  • Base mounted v-belt drive with motor beside the pump
  • V-belt drive with the motor above the pump
  • Vertical open shaft
  • Vertical pedestal mounted

The submersible motor is cooled by conducting heat from the motor to the liquid in which it is submerged. This requires the motor to be submerged for normal and prolonged operation. The immersible motor features a closed loop cooling system that circulates fluid around the motor housing and exchanges heat through a finned plate at the bottom of the motor housing.

Applications of the Hidrostal Screw Impeller pumps include:

  • Pumping stations
  • Sewage lift stations
  • Waste sludgeDigested sludge
  • Thickened sludge
  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Septage receiving

The PREROSTAL Prerotation System is a unique, economical, method of automatically adjusting pumping volume to varying inflow rates using a constant speed motor and pump. It combines the unique characteristics of Hirdostal’s screw centrifugal impeller with a vortex inducing chamber around the suction pipe of the pump. PREROSTAL is a highly effective sump cleaning system which does not require any additional items or moving parts. It is the ideal solution for handling variable flow applications with large solids.

We are proud to offer customers high-quality, reliable, clog-free, and efficient Hidrostal pumps. We also provide the expertise to find the right solution to meet their needs.

Pump with Anti-Clog Vane

Hidrostal Pump with Anti-Clog Vane

Screw Centrifugal Impeller

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