Landia Pumps and Mixers

About Landia

Envirep represents Landia in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia. Landia is a global pump and mixer manufacturing company.

Landia products are sold in 45 countries globally. Landia manufactures and sells pumping and mixing equipment used in many industries, including agriculture, biogas plants, wastewater, industrial plants, and the fish industry.

Quality is a key consideration in every step of Landia products’ manufacturing process. The company is ISO9001 certified and its products have also been operating for over 25 years in extreme conditions. Their customers enjoy excellent performance and low long-term operating costs.

Landia Pumps

Landia’s line of pump products includes the following:

  • Submersible chopper pumps that can be submerged into a liquid to either pump the liquid or shred solid materials in the liquid.
  • Dry installed chopper pumps that are mounted outside a tank for ease of maintenance.
  • Long shaft pumps which were first introduced by Landia in 1950. The pumps come with a knife system that can chop straw and other solid substances that cause breakdowns and blockages.
  • Axial wall pumps

Landia’s pumps are ideal for challenging applications within wastewater. For example, the submersible pump DG-I has proven to be a problem-solver in pump/lift stations containing wet-wipes and similar items causing problems for the existing pumps. All Landia pumps are equipped with a knife system by the pump inlet. This ensures hassle-free operation in conditions that cause clogging in other pumps.

Landia Mixers

Thousands of Landia mixers have since been sold around the world, where on a day to day basis they contribute to the optimal operation of wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, agriculture and many other industries where there is a need for effective and energy efficient mixing of fluids.

Low energy consuming mixers have the lowest propeller speeds as possible. This not only saves energy, but it also leads to increased life span of the product with the lowest maintenance cost.

Landia has the largest selection of submersible and dry mounted mixers with countless variations and motor sizes, ranging from 0.9 - 50 HP. Landia mixers are always adapted to the specific task and are supplied in the materials that provide the longest lifespan - whether it be cast iron or acid proof steel.

Landia Aerators

Landia produces aerators consisting of the following types:


Landia AirJet is a so-called air ejector where the air, and thus the oxygen, is automatically sucked into the ejector and then mixed with the wastewater from which it is pumped, under pressure, into the tank. Landia AirJet consists of a chopper pump with equipped with an ejector system. Compared to many other aeration systems, AirJet is extremely easy to install and manage. There is no need for compressors, bottom-mounted diffusers and advanced controls. Landia AirJet can be installed in existing tanks - it is not necessary to empty the tank when mounting!

PODB-I propeller aerators

Landia PODB-I propeller aerators are submerged into the liquid in a tank or an open lagoon, and operates by the rapidly-rotating propeller creating a vacuum behind the propeller, wherein atmospheric air (or pure oxygen) is sucked down through a tube.

The company also provides service and spare parts for its clients. Landia is also known for successfully selling their quality pumping and mixing solutions by working in close partnership with their customers. Landia is a solution provider with technical salespeople dedicated to finding the best working solution.


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