Lone Star Blowers for Wastewater Treatment

About Lone Star Blower

Envirep is proud to announce its partnership with Lone Star Blower, a manufacturer of geared, gearless, and multistage turbo blowers.

Lone Star, located in Houston, Texas, serves the water and wastewater industry with aeration blowers.

Single-stage turbo blowers, blower control systems, and vertically split multistage turbo are inventions developed by Lone Star. The company also services many other brand blowers. Lone Star products include the following:

  • Multistage turbo blowers
  • Motor starters and drives
  • Landfill biogas blower
  • Blower control panels
  • Gearless turbo blowers
  • Geared turbo blowers
  • Blower rentals
  • Blower parts
  • Blower maintenance
  • Wastewater aeration blowers
  • Processing and sequencing control blower service
  • Blower overhauls
  • Replacement blowers
  • Blower field service

Lone Star stands out as the premier manufacturer of Geared, Gearless, and Multistage Turbo blowers. The company offers complete client support for all its products. They are even willing to upgrade your existing blower to a higher and better package.

The company also performs complete system overhauls and field service. True to their commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction, the company will retrofit or remanufacture your blower’s exact build as a replacement. They also provide rental units at affordable costs to clients.


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