Pro-Air Wet Well Aeration Systems

Pro-Air Wet Well Aeration Systems

Reduces: Grease Buildup, Odors, Corrosion, Pump, Clogs

Envirep’s Wet Well Aeration Systems offer an effective low cost, energy efficient solution for aerating and mixing the wet well.

Sewage wet wells are designed to provide adequate storage volume of wastewater to prevent short cycling of pumps and motors. Storage of raw wastewater in a wet well poses several problems such as odors, grease buildup, corrosion and accumulation of rags and debris.

Pro-Air wet well aeration systems include a regenerative blower, intake filter, pressure relief valve, control panel and piping in the wet well. The control panel includes a cycle timer to adjust blower operating time and is interlocked to the pump starters to turn the blower off when a pump is operating. The system can be provided on a floor-mount base, on a wall-mount base, or in a fiberglass clamshell enclosure for outdoor mounting.

Break Up Grease

Grease buildup increases odors, interferes with level control systems, and increases pump clogging. Aeration and mixing is very effective in eliminating grease buildup by keeping the grease in suspension and pumping it out with the wastewater, eliminating the need for cleaning with a vacuum truck.

Prevent Odors

Aeration minimizes odors in wet wells and force mains by increasing the dissolved oxygen and preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Reduce Corrosion

Aeration eliminates the production of hydrogen sulfide and corrosive sulfuric acid by preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the wet well and force main. Aeration is the most economical way to reduce corrosion.

Cut Down on Pump Clogs

Mixing significantly reduces pump clogs by keeping the rags and wipes from collecting in the wet well.


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