Ramparts Diaphragm Pumps

About RamParts Pumps

Envirep is proud to announce its partnership with RamParts Pumps LLC, a leading diaphragm pump manufacturer in the United States.

RamParts Pumps is a subsidiary of Andronaco Industries Company. The company specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty diaphragm pumping equipment. Their products are designed to serve a wide range of water and wastewater systems.

Some of their product categories include the following:

  • The P series heavy-duty air-driven diaphragm pumps are super heavy-duty seal-less diaphragm pumps designed to handle the continuous operation of every type of fluid, including abrasives, sludge, and corrosives. These heavy-duty pumps are manufactured to take any form of punishment from all kinds of fluids.
  • iPC Series diaphragm pumps. This type of pump can be connected to an airline and automatically start pumping. It does not require any form of electronics because it uses an air control system run by an air-driven diaphragm. The pump comes with a pneumatic control system made of durable RamParts components.
  • High-quality controllers are designed to give you a real-time monitoring solution for all your pumping system needs. All pumps from RamParts are controlled using a 4-way solenoid valve and a solid-state controller. The controller allows you to have independent adjustments of discharge pressure and suction from a remote location. It comes with useful features such as on/off power, LED Operation indicator, a 5-amp fuse, and a configurator shunt.
  • Centrifugal-lined hydraulic pumps. This type of pump comes with vertically split Pro-Flo elastomer lining and end suction to handle all chemical processing and slurry applications’ needs. It is designed to ensure efficiency in continuous pumping operations. The pumps are available in four sizes.

The company also manufactures accessories for all pumping systems. They provide accessories such as pulsation dampener, leak detector, inline pump and piping basket strainers, ball and swing check valves, and many more.

The company also provides pump stands whenever needed. Pump stands are useful in quicker and more cost-effective installation compared to cement foundation systems.

Envirep’s partnership with RamPart will ensure that customers get easier access to the company’s high-quality pumps and pump accessories.


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