Triplepoint Lagoon Treatment

About Triplepoint

Envirep partners with Triplepoint to provide cost-effective and low maintenance lagoon wastewater treatment. Triplepoint is comitted to improving performance, expanding capacity, and boosting efficiency of wastewater treatment using lagoons. The company also provides highly efficient, low maintenance, and cost-effective wastewater lagoon alternatives.

Triplepoint is a privately held company founded in 2007. It has its headquarters in Oak Park, Illinois. The company specializes in a wide range of wastewater management activities. Triplepoint is also committed to putting their 30+ years of experience in lagoon engineering to work for their clients. Some of their primary services include the following:

  • Municipal wastewater lagoons
  • Industrial wastewater lagoons
  • Lagoon ammonia removal
  • Lagoon total nitrogen removal
  • Lagoon nitrification systems
  • Lagoon aeration equipment
  • Lagoon efficiency
  • Lagoon expansion
  • Lagoon odor control
  • Lagoon algae control
  • Control of excess lagoon sludge
  • Emergency lagoon aeration
  • Lagoon phosphorus removal
  • Industrial wastewater management
  • Lagoon rental systems

At Triplepoint, we believe that lagoons do it better. Not only are lagoons the oldest, most proven method of wastewater treatment, they are also the most cost effective and low maintenance. A properly designed and maintained system can reliably produce high quality effluent at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.That’s why we have dedicated our company to making lagoons better.


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Triplepoint wastewater treatment lagoon represented by Envirep/TLC.

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