Vogelsang Pumps, Grinders and Macerators

Vogelsang Pumps, Grinders and Macerators

Envirep is a manufacturer's representative serving the municipal and industrial water and wastewater markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. We represent the finest manufacturers of equipment used to pump, store, and treat potable water, wastewater, stormwater, leachate, and biosolids. Our goal is to deliver a total solution to our customers, from initial project discussions to on-site field service, and to provide the most cost-effective and reliable long-term solution to their water and wastewater challenges.

About Vogelsang

Vogelsang manufactures reliable rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps, grinders and macerators specially designed for the municipal wastewater market. Vogelsang’s products are made with the operations and maintenance personnel in mind – products that are robust and easy to maintain.


XRipper Twin Shaft Grinders

The XRipper Twin Shaft grinders provide high volume coarse grinding for systems where large amounts of debris may be present in the wastewater or sludge. They provide economical and efficient protection for downstream pumps and process components, preventing clogs, blockages, and damage.

The monolithic ripper rotors are made of a hardened high-quality steel block. They transfer the torque evenly from the shaft to the rotors allowing the grinder to effectively shred rags and debris with low drive power. Service and maintenance work can be completed in a short time because far fewer parts need to be replaced.

Frequent clogging of pipes, pumps, and check valves caused by rags and wet wipes in collection systems is a serious and expensive problem for most wastewater treatment systems. Entangled rags in digesters also cause problems for plant operators. The Vogelsang XRipper twin-shaft grinder is an economical solution to these problems, and offers a quick return on investment. This robust grinder is proven to reduce the frequency of emergency maintenance visits. Many operators have reported a 100% success rate, with no further clogging issues.

Vogelsang XRipper Grinder Benefits

Vogelsang manufactures reliable rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity pumps, grinders and macerators specially designed for the municipal wastewater market. Vogelsang’s products are made with the operations and maintenance personnel in mind – products that are robust and easy to maintain.

  • Better grinding of rags and wipes to reduce clogging of pumps
  • 100% repairable in the field - No factory service required
  • One-piece cutters provide faster replacement and no stack tightening
  • Available for installation in-channel, pipe mounted, or slide rails
  • Available with electric motor or hydraulic power pack
  • Long service life due to wear-resistant ripper rotors
  • Automated controls protect against jams
  • Local service – Service contracts are available
  • Industry leading warranty


The XRipper XRP Series is designed for inline installation in piping systems, while the XRipper XRC series was specially designed for use in open channels or in wastewater wet wells.

The XRipper XRC Series with the Sewage Integration Kit (SIK) guide rail can be installed against flat or rounded wet well walls for easy removal of the grinder.

Slide Rail Mounted XRC

Pipe Mounted XRP

Channel Mounted XRC

Typical Applications

  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Septage and FOG receiving stations
  • Influent sceenings grinding
  • Primary scum
  • WWTP sludge
  • Dewatering equipment feed
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Jails and prisons
  • Resorts
  • Truck stops and rest areas


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Rotary Lobe Pumps

Vogelsang’s rotary lobe pumps are ideal for tough sludge applications involving heavy solids, viscous sludges and abrasive liquids. Vogelsang pumps are constructed with ease of maintenance in mind. By simply removing the front cover, the entire wet end can be accessed for routine or preventative maintenance. Wear parts can be replaced without disturbing connected piping.

Rotary lobe pumps are positive-displacement type pumps that use two or more lobes rotating around parallel shafts in the pump’s body to move liquids. They are widely used in the municipal water and wastewater treatment industries. They provide a compact, easy-to-maintain solution that can handle a variety of applications. Since the movement of the pump’s lobes cause the pump to discharge a specific amount of fluid each revolution, the pump’s output can easily be controlled by varying the speed of the pump, typically with the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD).

Rotary Lobe Pump Benefits

  • Small footprint compared to other positive displacement pumps
  • Easy to install
  • Since the pump’s lobes do not come into contact with each other, lobe pumps can move solids suspended in slurries without damaging lobes.
  • Handles larger sized particles than other types of positive displacement pumps.
  • Offers accurate and consistent fluid output that is unaffected by changes in head pressure.
  • The fluid flow can be increased or decreased by controlling the drive speed with a VFD.
  • Virtually pulsation free
  • Highly efficient for pumping viscous liquids.
  • Can run dry for long periods of time.
  • Easy to maintain and service.

Vogelsang perfected the pump to handle the demands of tough municipal wastewater sludge containing solids, abrasives and debris. The pump delivers a pulsation-free flow, making it ideal for feeding dewatering equipment such as belt presses, centrifuges, and screw presses. Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps have a long history of providing reliable pumping solutions at water and wastewater treatment facilities whether pumping primary sludge, secondary sludge, waste activated sludge (WAS), thickened waste activated sludge (TWAS), return activated sludge (RAS), septage, or slurries..

Typical Applications Inside Treatment Plants

  • Septage and FOG receiving
  • Easy to install
  • Primary scum
  • Return-activated sludge (RAS), waste-activated sludge (WAS)
  • Thickened waste-activated sludge (TWAS)
  • Digester feed and recirculation
  • DAF Thickening
  • Dewatering equipment feed
  • Slurries

RotaCut Inline Macerators

RotaCut Inline macerators provide precision reduction of solids, such as rags and other objects before they cause damage to downstream pumps and equipment. Heavy solids such as stones and metal objects settle to the bottom of the pot where they are removed from the stream entirely.

Macerators, or single-shaft grinders, are designed for inline pipe installations. They require liquid flow through the cutter assembly to operate. Macerators are considered conditioners as they condition the sludge solids into small, manageable particles, keeping pumps and downstream equipment safe. Solids such as hair, wipes and rags are finely cut allowing them to easily pass through downstream equipment without reconstituting. Macerators are best suited for refined cutting after the headworks of a wastewater treatment plant.

Macerator Benefits

  • Cutting is performed by shear plates with small holes and a high-speed cutter head to reduce particles to defined sizes.
  • The liquid stream moves solids to the cutting element.
  • Heavy solids are removed prior to cutting surface due to built-in rock trap.
  • Shear plates can be changed to provide fine to coarse cutting depending on the opening size of the cutter bars.
  • Operating pressures up to 90 psi.
  • Lower torque compared to twin-shaft grinders.

Typical Applications Inside WWTP

  • Fats, oils and grease (FOG) receiving
  • Septage receiving
  • Primary sludge
  • Primary scum
  • Return-activated sludge (RAS), waste-activated sludge (WAS)
  • Thickened waste-activated sludge (TWAS)
  • Digester feed and recirculation
  • Dewatering equipment feed
  • Plastic reduction prior to land application of biosolids

Wastewater Pumping & Solids Handling Applications



Choose Genuine Vogelsang Replacement Parts

Vogelsang Envirep Maryland Delaware Wastewater Sludge Pumps XRipper Twin Shaft Grinders RotaCut Macerators

Vogelsang is the industry leader and innovator in high-quality rotary lobe pumps, twin-shaft grinders and macerators. At Envirep, we will help you choose the best Vogelsang parts for your equipment. Our goal is to provide you with easy to operate, low maintenance parts to ensure that your equipment is back in service quickly.

Precise tolerances are key to the performance of Vogelsang equipment. Even small variances can generate significant inefficiencies and using non-OEM components dramatically increases the risk of equipment failure. It is critical that end users understand the dangers and risk of using replicated/pirated parts in Vogelsang equipment. These risks can be avoided by always using Genuine Vogelsang parts.

Vogelsang parts are machined accurately and are custom engineered to fit each specific piece of equipment. Unlicensed fabricators, whose manufacturing processes fall short of the standards upheld at our facilities, cannot duplicate the tolerances designed into our products.

Envirep/TLC is an authorized distributor of Vogelsang products. When repairing Vogelsang equipment, it is always best to use genuine Vogelang parts. Vogelsang builds their parts to exact tolerances and exact material specification. Not having the right part can reduce the service life and the efficiency of the equipment. Only genuine Vogelsang parts can guarantee that your part will fit perfectly, and deliver reliable service for many years.

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