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OmniSite Flow Measurement

OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring Systems require accurate wet well volumes for Volumetric Flow Measurements.

Volumetric Draw Down – Utilizing custom algorithms specifically written for pumping stations, OmniSite’s GuardDog website calculates the pump draw-down stats and records them for future reporting and/or automatic notifications. This cost-effective option seamlessly integrates with any existing pump station. By choosing this solution, you not only gain access to essential data such as pumping rate (Gallons Per Minute – GPM), average daily flow, and totalized flow but also invaluable insights into pump run-time and cycles. This readily available information proves invaluable as a troubleshooting tool.

The volumetric flow data calculated by the OmniSite device and recorded on the GuardDog website are very accurate under most flow conditions; however, they are less accurate for some conditions:

OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring and Alarm System
OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring
  • When the inflow rate exceeds the pumping rate of one pump
  • When the inflow rate into the wet well has sudden and significant variations, such as when there is a pump station upstream of the wet well
  • When the wet well dimensions and pump drawdown distance are not accurately entered into the OmniSite device
  • For pumps that use variable speed drives (VFD)
  • With the long ramp up/down times when using RVSS “soft start” motor starters

External Flow Meter – Use a magnetic flow meter on the force main or open channel flow meter on the wet well influent pipe.  This is the best and most accurate method of recording flow rate as long as the flow meter is installed and calibrated properly.

OmniSite can record flow readings from a Magnetic Flow Meter.
Magnetic Flow Meter

Send a pulse frequency or 4-20mA signal to the OmniSite to record flow from your existing flow meter.

Flow data is displayed and recorded on OmniSite’s GuardDog website. This option is also very inexpensive, provided that your existing flow meter has the capability of outputting a signal to the OmniSite. Flow data within a user-selectable date range from GuardDog can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for tabulating and graphing total flow.

Rain Level Monitoring – Our rain gauge collector interfaces with our Crystal Ball and XR50 units to provide accurate levels down to .01″. This data can be used to set up automatic triggers or alerts. It is also available in our exclusive “” GuardDog web interface for reporting and analysis.

Rain Gauge at Wastewater Pumping Station with OmniSite Alarm Dialer.
Rain Gauge at Wastewater Pumping Station with OmniSite Alarm Dialer.

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Envirep keeps an inventory of OmniSite equipment in stock at our headquarters in Camp Hill, PA, and our highly trained service staff is available to perform installation and start-up services at your facility. Envirep also offers a free 60-day trial that includes installation, and in-person training on the equipment and web software.

by Joshua Price, Service Manager at Envirep/TLC

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