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OmniSite Wastewater Pump Station Monitoring System by Envirep
OmniSite Wastewater Pump Station Monitoring System by Envirep

Monitoring pumping stations with traditional alarm dialers is costly, inefficient, and outdated. It is impossible to effectively manage multiple stations without accurate and reliable information.

Traditional Alarm Dialers

Unfortunately, traditional phone dialers provide alarms only. This requires frequent site visits by operations personnel to collect operational information. Traditional alarm dialers rely on landline phone connections. In remote areas, getting a stable landline connection can be challenging. Traditional dialers typically have limited capacity to convey detailed information about the alarm. They often have pre-recorded messages that do not provide sufficient details about the nature and location of the problem, making it harder for maintenance personnel to respond effectively. Considering these limitations, many organizations are changing to more advanced alarm systems that offer better reliability, remote monitoring capabilities, and integration options for their remote pumping stations.


SCADA is an expensive solution for municipalities that do not need the advanced features offered. It is costly to install; it requires skilled programmers to maintain; it uses restrictive software and quickly becomes obsolete and unsupported. Implementing a SCADA system involves significant hardware, software, and installation costs. For smaller organizations or projects with limited budgets, these costs can be steep. SCADA systems can be highly complex, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise to set up, configure, and maintain. This complexity can result in higher initial costs and ongoing maintenance expenses.

OmniSite Monitoring System Advantages

OmniSite GuardDog Software on Smartphone
GuardDog Software Smartphone Preview

OmniSite cellular monitoring systems provide real-time alarms, help anticipate the need for repairs, predict the need for future maintenance, and provide operational data such as flow rate, run times, cycles per day, wet-well level, rainfall total, and generator alarms. Here are some additional advantages:

  • Low initial cost
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduces manpower requirements for pump station inspection
  • Built-in lightning protection – no telephone line     
  • Alarm data is sent via telephone, pager, or e-mail
  • Easy to install, setup, and program
  • Historical alarm data is available via a website
  • Provides pump performance data and flow data
  • Smartphone app (iPhone and Android) allows quick and easy status checks of equipment
  • Easy to change the callout list on the website

GuardDog Software

GuardDog software and a smartphone app are included with every OmniSite device to give operators quick and convenient access to the operational data to optimize performance and prevent overflows.

Help cut costs and give operators the support they need by installing OmniSite wastewater monitoring devices at your remote pumping stations.

Low-Cost Installation

OmniSite units are easy to install. Envirep provides professional installation services at an affordable price. Or, we will train your crew to install the equipment themselves.

OmniSite Crystal Ball Pump Station Monitoring System Installed  by Envirep
OmniSite Crystal Ball Pump Station Monitoring System Installed by Envirep

Free OmniSite Monitoring System Trials

Envirep offers risk-free trials so you can evaluate how OmniSite improves efficiency and cuts costs for your organization. The systems are professionally installed by experienced technicians.

Envirep is proud to represent OmniSite in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

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By Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep/TLC