Supplying reliable pumping systems is only part of the equation for Envirep. Our company's mission is to ensure that our customers maximize their equipment's lifespan & reliability through exceptional service & support.

Finding the time to perform preventive maintenance can be a daunting task for operators when combined with the many responsibilities of running a collection system and/or a wastewater treatment plant.

Envirep offers Service Agreements to help you meet those needs. Service Agreements can be performed annually, biannually, semi-annually, or even just once if you want to try it out. Contact us today for more information.

Contact Envirep Service for Gorman-Rupp parts, service, repair, service contracts, emergency repairs, and troubleshooting.

To schedule service or learn more about our service options

Please contact us at 717-761-7884 or e-mail us at

Envirep is the OEM parts and service provider for the following territories:
Pennsylvania (PA), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), New Jersey (NJ), Virginia (VA), West Virginia (WV), and Washington D.C