OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring. Envirep is the distributor for OmniSite in PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, and Washington DC.

Reduce Costs using OmniSite Alarm Dialers

OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring Systems Installed by Envirep
OmniSite Pump Station Monitoring Systems Installed by Envirep

Monitoring remote pumping stations with traditional alarm dialers and frequent operator site visits is costly and inefficient. In addition, it can be difficult to get accurate and reliable information about the status of the pumping stations in real time, which makes it difficult to effectively manage multiple stations. Without accurate and reliable information, it is impossible to effectively manage multiple stations.

Land Line Alarm Dialers

Traditional land line phone dialers provide alarms only. This requires frequent site visits by operations personnel to collect operational information.


SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are expensive to implement, especially for smaller municipalities that may not require all of the advanced features that these systems offer.

They require specialized hardware and software, and skilled programmers to configure and maintain. Additionally, the software used in SCADA systems is restrictive, making it difficult to customize the system to meet specific needs.

Furthermore, SCADA systems become obsolete quickly, as new technologies and standards are developed. This makes SCADA systems difficult and costly to maintain and upgrade over time.

For municipalities that do not require all of the advanced features offered by SCADA systems, there are alternative solutions available that more cost-effective and easier to maintain. For example, remote monitoring and control systems provide similar functionality to SCADA systems but are much less expensive to implement and maintain.

OmniSite Crystal Ball Cellular Pump Station Monitoring System
OmniSite Crystal Ball Cellular Pump Station Monitoring System

Overall, while SCADA systems can provide powerful tools for monitoring and controlling wastewater systems, they are not the most cost-effective or practical solution for all municipalities. It is important to carefully evaluate the specific needs and requirements of each system before selecting a monitoring and control solution.

OmniSite Alarm Monitoring Systems

OmniSite cloud-based cellular monitoring systems save thousands of dollars by giving managers and operators valuable operating data in addition to providing alarm notifications. They are specifically designed for pump station monitoring with a low initial cost and lower monthly fees.


Prevents Equipment Failures

OmniSite dialers provide managers and operators with critical data to proactively schedule maintenance, allocate resources, and better respond to alarms. They allow operators to address pump and control problems faster and more efficiently. The effective use of alarm history and operating data empowers operators to understand their pumping stations better and ensure a more resilient system.

Reduces Site Visits

OmniSite automatically records and stores operational data, reducing the need for on-site visits, increasing efficiency, and saving time and money.

OmniSite Crystal Ball Pump Station Alarm Dialer

Lower Monthly Fees

The monthly cost for OmniSite service is $21.00 which is much lower than phone lines.

Smart Phone App

The OmniSite GuardDog smartphone app provides the necessary data to allow operators to detect problems before they become a major maintenance headache.

Low-Cost Installation

The OmniSite units are easy to install. Envirep provides professional installation services at an affordable price. Or, we will train your crew to install the equipment themselves.

Risk-Free 60-Day Trial

OmniSite and Envirep offer risk-free field trials, factory training, and top-notch technical support.  Envirep will not only provide the equipment for a risk-free trial, but we will also install it risk-free.

OmniSite cloud-based monitoring systems are the most effective way to monitor pumping stations.

Envirep has a proven track record with over 1,000 successful installations. We provide top-shelf equipment to meet your specific needs, complete with installation services, comprehensive training, and support.

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By Michael J. Gillespie, President