Vogelsang Rotacut Macerator

Vogelsang’s RotaCut Sludge Grinder

Vogelsang RotaCut Grinder for Wastewater Sludge
Vogelsang RotaCut Grinder for Wastewater Sludge

The Vogelsang RotaCut Sludge Grinder is an economical solution for sludge laden with rags, heavy solids, and other debris.

The RotaCut is a highly effective solution for eliminating heavy solids that can cause damage to pumps, valves, and other equipment. It shreds wipes, rags, plastics, and fibrous materials into small confetti-sized particles. Additionally, it features a built-in “rock trap” that captures and removes hard objects like metal or stone before they reach the grinder. This extends the grinding blade’s life and keeps the objects from interfering with the system.

Designed to address the vulnerability of pumps and dewatering equipment to damage caused by sludge containing hard solids, fragments, and debris commonly found in wastewater sludge, the RotaCut is an ideal solution. It is placed in front of equipment to protect the equipment. It is also used for sludge conditioning before dewatering equipment or digesters to create a homogenized slurry.

RotaCut Applications in Wastewater

  1. Primary sludge
  2. Thickened sludge
  3. Sludge transfer
  4. Dewatering equipment feed
  5. Digester feed and recirculation
  6. Septage and FOG receiving
Vogelsang Rotacut Macerator
Vogelsang RotaCut Macerator Grinder

One of the standout features of the RotaCut is its service-friendly design. All maintenance tasks are completed within minutes without disconnecting any piping. Most models feature a hinged cover that grants easy access to the cutting blades and screen. The cutting screen is available in multiple material options, patterns, and hole sizes. Additionally, the screens are reversible, allowing for a fresh cutting surface without purchasing a new spare screen.

Vogelsang has a range of specialized grinders and macerators ideally suited for the challenges associated with wipes, rags, and other debris at wastewater treatment facilities. In addition to the RotaCut grinder, Vogelsang also provides the XRipper twin-shaft grinder, which uses two hardened steel monolithic ripper rotors to cut and shred debris in the sludge waste stream.

For more information on the RotaCut grinder or any other equipment Vogelsang can provide, contact Envirep at 717-761-7884 or sales@envirep.com.

By Mike Gillespie, Envirep

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