Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Pumping Station with 6x6 Tall Enclosure

Convert to a Gorman-Rupp Above-Ground Station

It is easy to convert a submersible pump station to a Gorman-Rupp above-ground self-priming pumping station. A new factory-built Gorman-Rupp pump station can easily be installed above ground on top of the existing valve vault. The discharge piping from the submersible pumps is used as the suction piping for the new Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps, simplifying installation. 

Gorman-Rupp above-ground pumping stations have many attractive features:

  • Eliminates confined spaces
  • No electricity or wiring in the wet well
  • No heavy pumps to lift out of the wet well
  • Easy access to the pumps, motors, and valves
  • Pumps that are easy to maintain

Converting from a submersible pumping station to an above-ground pumping station can be made easier by having all components supplied by Gorman-Rupp. The pumps, motors, controls, and fiberglass enclosure can be assembled at the factory and shipped complete to the job site. This streamlined process can help simplify the conversion and minimize the time and effort required on-site. Having all components supplied by a single manufacturer can also help ensure compatibility and reduce the risk of problems during the conversion process.

The drawings below illustrate how the conversion is accomplished:

Submersible Pump Station
Submersible Pump Station Before Conversion

Submersible Pump Station After Conversion to Above Ground Gorman-Rupp Pump Station
Submersible Pump Station After Conversion to Above Ground Gorman-Rupp Pump Station

An above-ground pump station offers several advantages in terms of accessibility and maintenance. With all mechanical and electrical equipment located above ground, it is easier for operators to monitor and perform routine maintenance without the need for specialized equipment and safety procedures. The discharge of the pump station can be easily connected to the existing force main, and the valve vault is no longer a hazardous work area. This can help improve the overall safety and efficiency of the pumping station operations.

With the pump station located above ground, one operator can now safely access and maintain all the equipment at the station without the need for cranes, crane trucks, confined space equipment, and onerous safety procedures.

The heated and ventilated fiberglass enclosure provides a warm, dry, non-hazardous environment for the equipment and operators. This allows the operator to quickly and easily inspect the pumping equipment and perform all necessary maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Both Gorman-Rupp and Envirep offer quality service and support to their customers. The Envirep Service Department is well-trained in different aspects of pumping station operations, including start-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting, and assists over the phone or on-site. Service contracts are also available to ensure periodic maintenance and service by a trained technician. This can help maintain the pump station’s optimal performance and prevent potential issues.

Gorman-Rupp Above Ground Wastewater Pumping Station
Gorman-Rupp Above-Ground Wastewater Pumping Station

To meet the challenges ahead, you need more than an equipment supplier – you need a solutions provider. Gorman-Rupp and Envirep are committed to helping you solve your pumping equipment needs and working with you to adapt the best overall pumping system performance over the life of the system.

We have the right solution for your pumping applications and the expertise to make it work!

For more information on converting submersible pump stations to above-ground pump stations, please contact Envirep at 717-761-7884 or sales@envirep.com.

By Michael J. Gillespie, President, Envirep, Inc.

Envirep is a manufacturer’s representative serving the municipal and industrial water and wastewater market in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.

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