Hardy Pro-Air PD Blowers for Efficient Wastewater Treatment

Positive Displacement Blowers

Positive Displacement Blowers (PD blowers) are crucial components in wastewater treatment, providing essential aeration for the activated sludge and aerobic digestion processes. This article explores how PD blowers, specifically Hardy Pro-Air blowers, contribute to efficient wastewater treatment.

Hardy Pro-Air Blowers

Headquartered in Antioch, IL, Hardy Pro-Air specializes in engineered air systems, manufacturing, and servicing positive displacement blowers, blower packages, and sound enclosures. As a leading U.S. blower package manufacturer, Hardy Pro-Air offers extensive experience with thousands of successful installations.

Positive Displacement Blowers Overview

PD blowers, functioning as large air pumps, efficiently move large volumes of air with minimal energy consumption. This efficiency, coupled with their reliability, makes them the ideal choice for wastewater treatment. Unlike compressors, PD blowers do not internally compress the air, ensuring a steady discharge rate despite changing discharge pressures.

Penn Township Aeration Tank

Role in Wastewater Treatment

These blowers are crucial in wastewater treatment. They aerate the wastewater to degrade organic matter and remove pollutants. They create aerobic conditions that promote the growth of helpful bacteria that consume organic matter and purify the water.

PD blowers are well-suited for tanks with varying water levels, making them ideal for applications like sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) and aerobic digesters.

Why Choose PD Blowers?

  • Cost-effective: They operate efficiently across a wide pressure range, saving on energy costs.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes, they fit diverse wastewater treatment needs.
  • Reliability: Their robust design minimizes downtime, keeping your treatment process running smoothly.
  • Durability: Built to last, PD blowers offer a long lifespan.
  • Low Maintenance: Simple maintenance keeps them operating efficiently.
  • Adaptability: Their high turndown ratio allows for operational flexibility.
Hardy Pro-Air Sound Enclosure

Benefits of Blower Packages

Pre-assembled and tested blower packages offer several advantages:

  • Convenience: Factory-assembled for easy installation.
  • Single Source: One supplier for everything, simplifying project management.
  • Space-saving: Compact footprint optimizes your plant layout.
  • Quiet Operation: Minimizes noise pollution.
  • Expert Support: Includes access to factory-authorized service.
Wastewater Blowers

Maintaining PD Blowers

Proper maintenance keeps your blowers operating at peak performance. Here are some key practices:

  • Regular Inspection: Check oil levels, wear, leaks, and vibration.
  • Lubrication: Ensure proper lubrication following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Air Filter Replacement: Replace air intake filters regularly for optimal airflow and efficiency.
  • V-Belt Drive: Maintain proper tension and alignment for smooth operation.
  • Alignment: Verify proper alignment with the motor to prevent excessive wear and vibration.
  • Sound Enclosure Ventilation: Ensure it is operating and adequately maintained.
  • Seal Inspection: Inspect and replace seals to prevent air leaks and maintain efficiency.
  • Cleaning: Keep the blower and its surrounding area clean.
  • Check Discharge Pressure: High discharge pressure might indicate fouled diffusers in the aeration tank. Clean them to improve airflow and blower efficiency and prevent overheating.

Following a comprehensive maintenance schedule and addressing issues promptly ensures the long-term reliability and efficiency of PD blowers.


Hardy Pro-Air PD blowers are a reliable solution for wastewater treatment facilities. Their efficiency, reliability, and versatility make them a top choice for engineers and utilities seeking long-term performance in wastewater treatment applications.

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By Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep/TLC