Hardy Pro-Air Wastewater Aeration Blowers

Envirep/TLC is a manufacturer's representative for Hardy Pro-Air in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and West Virginia.

Hardy Pro-Air, specializes in the sales and service of aeration blowers for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. The systems group offers project support and a diverse range of products, while the service group services and maintains positive displacement blowers, prioritizing preventative maintenance to extend equipment life. Pro-Air Service excels at restoring equipment to factory standards for prolonged service.

Hardy Pro Air provides packaged blowers systems for applications including aeration, agitation, membrane scouring, filter backwashing, and bio-gas recovery.

Pressure Blower System by Hardy Pro Air
Pressure Blower Systems


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Main Applications of PD Blowers in Wasewater Treatment

Aeration Basins

  • Aeration is a fundamental process in wastewater treatment that introduces oxygen into the wastewater to promote the growth of aerobic bacteria. The bacteria break down organic pollutants in the wastewater, converting them into less harmful substances.

  • Positive displacement blowers supply continuous air to aeration tanks or basins, creating a highly oxygen-rich environment for the bacteria to thrive.

  • The blowers maintain a constant pressure and air flow rate, ensuring consistent aeration levels during treatment. This is cricital for biological treatment.

  • Aeration is essential for providing sufficient dissolved oxygen (DO) for aerobic organisms to perform biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal and nitrification in activated sludge plants and keeping the biomass well mixed and suspended.

  • Positive displacement blowers are preferred in sequencing batch reactor (SBR) wastewater treatment because they offer precise control over airflow with varying water levels, ensuring that the aeration and mixing phases are carried out consistently and effectively.

  • Aerobic Digestion

  • In many wastewater treatment facilities, aerobic digestion further breaks down organic matter before the treated water is discharged or reused.

  • Positive displacement blowers provide the necessary oxygen for aerobic digestion, allowing microorganisms to break down organic solids and reduce the sludge volume.

  • Aeration is also essential for keeping the biomass well mixed and in suspension.
  • How Positive Displacement Blowers Work

  • Positive displacement blowers operate by trapping and compressing a fixed air volume and then discharging it at a higher pressure.

  • They consist of two main components: rotors (lobes) and a casing.

  • As the rotors rotate within the casing, they create sealed chambers,. Air is drawn into these chambers during the rotation.

  • As the sealed chambers progress through the blower, they compress the air inside. When the chambers reach the discharge point, the compressed air is forced out at a higher pressure.

  • The blowers maintain a continous air intake, compression, and discharge cycle, ensuring a consistent air flow to the aeration tanks or other parts of the wastewater treatment process.

  • Positive displacement blowers are preferred in wastewater treatment because they offer precise control over airflow and pressure, essential for maintaining the desired treatment conditions and ensuring efficient biological processes. They help wastewater treatment plants remove pollutants, reduce odors, and meet regulatory standards for treated water quality.

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