Envirep's Pro-Air Wet Well Aeration System for Sewage Pumping Stations

Pro-Air for Pump Station Grease Removal

Envirep's Pro-Air Wet Well Aeration System for Sewage Pumping Stations
Envirep’s Pro-Air Wet Well Aeration System for Sewage Pumping Stations

The Pro-Air Solution

Envirep’s Pro-Air wet well aeration systems are an effective, low-cost, energy-efficient solution for pump station grease removal and odor control. Sewage wet wells provide a storage volume of wastewater to prevent the short cycling of pumps and motors. Storage of raw sewage in wet wells causes several problems, such as odors, grease buildup, corrosion, and buildup of rags and debris. Wet well aeration and mixing is an effective way to eliminate these issues.

The wet well aeration provides enough oxygen to saturate the wastewater and produce extreme agitation to break up the surface layer and mix the grease into the wastewater. The high level of agitation also re-suspends heavy solids to keep the heavy solids from accumulating on the wet well bottom. This prevents the pump inlet pipes from clogging.

The Pro-Air aeration and mixing system includes a control circuit to turn off the blower when the sewage pumps are on to prevent air from entering the pumps. The controls also include a cycle timer to reduce operating time and maximize the efficiency of the system.

Benefits of Wet Well Aeration

Sewage Wet Wells Need Aeration and Mixing
ProAir Wet Well Aeration provides air and mixing to reduce grease buildup, reduce corrosion, reduce odors, and reduce clogging.
  • It breaks up troublesome grease
  • Keeps dissolved oxygen levels high, which reduces the production of toxic gases and odors
  • Reduces corrosion in sewage lift stations and force mains
  • Reduces clogging from disposable wipes

The Pro-Air wet well aeration system is very effective and costs much less than chemical feed systems,

Pro-Air systems include a regenerative blower, intake filter, pressure relief valve, control panel, and piping in the wet well. The control panel includes a cycle timer to adjust the blower operating time. This timer is interlocked to the pump starters to turn the blower off when a sewage pump operates.  The aeration blower is base-mounted, wall-mounted, or provided with a fiberglass enclosure for outdoor installation. 

Blowers can be provided for 1-phase, or 3-phase electrical service. Motor sizes vary from 1/2 HP to 5 HP depending on the size of the wet well and the water depth. Contact Envirep for sizing recommendations.

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By Michael Gillespie, President at Envirep