Pennsylvania Costars Cooperative Purchasing Program

COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program

PA COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program is the best way to reduce costs when purchasing equipment or services in Pennsylvania. The name COSTARS stands for Cooperative Sourcing to Achieve Reductions in Spend. It allows members to purchase various products and services through statewide contracts. Organizations that are eligible to become members include municipalities, government agencies, schools, and other non-profit organizations in Pennsylvania.

PA COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program allows public entities, such as water and wastewater treatment plants, to leverage contracts established with the Commonwealth. Public entities registered as COSTARS members can negotiate business directly with approved COSTARS vendors. This eliminates the time-consuming requirements of the bidding process and provides expanded opportunities for municipalities to receive competitive pricing, while still satisfying procurement requirements.

Envirep is a PA Department of General Services authorized COSTARS contract holder. (PA COSTARS Contract # 016-080).

Envirep represents the following products available for purchase through the PA COSTARS Cooperative Purchasing Program:

  • Aeration Equipment
  • Air Release Valves
  • Alarm Monitoring Equipment
  • Headworks Screens
  • Mixers
  • Odor Control Equipment
  • Sequencing Batch Reactors
  • Sludge Dewatering Equipment
  • Tertiary Filters
  • Wastewater Grinders
  • Water and Wastewater Pumps
  • Pumping Stations

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By Mike Gillespie, Envirep