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Lone Star Blowers for the wastewater treatment industry

Wastewater aeration is critical to biological treatment processes. These processes include activated sludge systems, sequencing batch reactors (SBR), oxidation ditches, membrane bioreactors (MBR), and lagoons.

Aeration in the activated sludge process promotes the growth of microorganisms in the wastewater. The microbes then feed on organic material, forming floc particles that quickly settle in a settling basin. The settled sludge is recirculated back to the aeration basin to increase the decomposition rate.

Lone Star Blower provides a wide assortment of aeration blowers and services to the wastewater Industry, including:

Lone Star Blower for the wastewater treatment industry
Lone Star Blowers for the wastewater treatment industry
  • Single-stage turbo blowers
  • Multistage turbo blowers
  • Landfill biogas blower
  • Gearless turbo blowers
  • Geared turbo blowers
  • Blower control panels
  • Blower rentals
  • Blower parts
  • Blower maintenance
  • Replacement blowers
  • Blower field service

From multistage centrifugal to high-speed turbo blowers, Lone Star Blower offers the latest technology that maximizes productivity and lowers energy costs for your wastewater treatment facility.

Lone Star offers a full range of blower types, ideal for wastewater treatment applications, with low noise and vibration levels. In addition, Lone Star Blowers can be customized to match your aeration needs!

Are you looking for a quote on a blower system for your aeration project? We have a blower type for every application and budget.

by Mike Gillespie, President at Envirep

Envirep is a manufacturer’s representative for manufacturers of equipment used to pump, treat and dispose of wastewater and biosolids. We also represent manufacturers of equipment used to pump, treat, distribute and store drinking (potable) water. Envirep serves the municipal and industrial water and wastewater market in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Virginia.