Gorman-Rupp: Centrifugal Pump Training

Gorman-Rupp offers various factory training programs to assist plant operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel by developing their understanding of pumps and pumping systems. Pictured above is Gorman Rupp's Service Technician, demonstrating disassembly and reassembly of the Gorman-Rupp T-Series pump.

Pump Station Monitoring with OmniSite

OmniSite is the only product of its kind and was developed specifically for wastewater treatment systems. Because it’s simple to set up and use, requires no additional software, and requires minimal maintenance, OmniSite is the most affordable solution for monitoring lift stations.

Envirep is the Authorized Distributor for Vogelsang in Maryland & Delaware

Envirep/TLC offers Vogelsang products to the municipal water and wastewater markets in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Envirep/TLC sells and services all Vogelsang products as the authorized Vogelsang distributor. Vogelsang is a world leader in designing and manufacturing rotary lobe pumps, XRipper twin-shaft grinders, and the RotaCut macerator.

Hidrostal Pumps and Parts

Hidrostal is an industry leader and innovator in high-quality pump design. At Envirep/TLC, we will help you choose the best Hidrostal parts for your needs. Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-operate, low-maintenance pump parts to ensure you are as cost-effective as possible.

OmniSite Monitoring Systems Installed by Envirep

OmniSite cellular monitoring systems provide real-time alarms, help anticipate the need for immediate repairs, predict the need for future maintenance, and provide operational data such as flow rate, run times, cycles per day, wet-well level, rainfall total, and generator alarms.

Gorman-Rupp Utility Water Systems for WWTP’s

Traditionally, utility water systems at wastewater treatment plants are installed below ground or in a chlorine contact tank to allow the pumps to operate on a flooded suction. To reduce installation costs and make the utility water system easily accessible for inspection and maintenance, Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps are installed above ground in a building or factory-built fiberglass enclosure.

Best Technologies for Phosphorus Removal

Aqua-Aerobic Systems offers a complete line of technologies to remove phosphorus from wastewater. Discharge limits for phosphorus removal are more stringent than ever and are a constant challenge for wastewater treatment plants. The removal of pollutants required by a facility is stipulated on their NPDES permit issued by each state’s Department of Environmental Protection. A high degree of phosph...

Aqua-Aerobic OxyStar Aspirator Aerators

OxyStar Aspirator Aerators by Aqua-Aerobic Systems are used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications to provide aeration and mixing for aerated lagoons, equalization basins, aeration tanks, aerobic digesters, sludge holding tanks, oxidation ditches, and post aeration. The OxyStar Aspirating Aerators provide superior fine bubble aeration and mixing, allowing for easier installation and l...

Vogelsang Sewage Pump Station Grinders

Vogelsang's X-Ripper sewage grinders are installed in wet wells to protect sewage pumping stations and eliminate or significantly reduce clogging. The XRipper grinders use low-speed, high-torque ripper rotors to shred through rags and debris in the wastewater before entering the wet well.

Ultraviolet Disinfection By Evoqua ETS

Evoqua ETS UV Technology disinfects municipal wastewater before discharge to receiving waters. The ETS-UV™ system uses closed vessels, providing greater operator safety, a smaller footprint, easier maintenance, and lower life cycle costs. The UV chamber is constructed of 316L stainless steel and contains an automated wiper system that keeps the quartz tubes clean and the disinfection system operat...