Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal Impeller Pumps

Hidrostal is an industry leader and innovator in high-quality pump design. At Envirep/TLC, we will help you choose the best Hidrostal parts for your needs. Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-operate, low-maintenance pump parts to ensure you are as cost-effective as possible.

Compelling Reasons to Choose Gorman-Rupp

In wastewater applications, the importance of a dependable and efficient pumping system cannot be overstated. When selecting pumping equipment, the primary consideration should be optimizing long-term system performance rather than merely prioritizing the lowest initial cost.

H-Tec Air Release Valves with Zero Leakage

H-Tec air release valves with zero leakage provide superior performance vs. traditional air release valves.  The valve includes an infinitely variable orifice, providing both air release and vacuum break functionality which makes standardization easy.  Compared to traditional air release valves, the H-Tec valve is much easier to maintain due to its lightweight design and fewer moving parts.

OmniSite Flow Measurement

OmniSite can help your organization achieve accurate flow measurements in a variety of ways, for a much lower cost than you might expect with other products. Here are some of the ways we approach flow monitoring with the OmniSite XR-50 and Crystal Ball:

Sludge Dewatering Pilot Testing by PW Tech

This innovative sludge dewatering product offers many advantages over conventional sludge management methods. The key to the process is the unique dewatering drum design. This drum is able to achieve both thickening and pressing (dewatering) of the sludge in a single, compact operation.

Guardian Environmental Rectangular Clarifiers

Guardian Environmental Products is a premier manufacturer of rectangular clarifier chains and flights for the water and wastewater market. They offer a broad range of rectangular clarifier systems and components including metallic chain and non-metallic chain with fiberglass flights.

Flow Monitoring with OmniSite

OmniSite cloud-based cellular monitoring systems save time and money by giving engineers and utility managers valuable operating data and providing alarm notifications for operations personnel. OmniSite cloud-based monitoring systems are the most effective way to monitor pumping stations, improve system efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

EBARA Submersible Pumps

Ebara offers a complete range of submersible pumps for water and wastewater applications. Ebara blends superior engineering with state-of-the-art production techniques to produce pumps of unsurpassed quality and long life. Located in Rockhill, South Carolina, Ebara has an extensive inventory of submersible pumps.   Ebara significantly outperforms in quality, price, and delivery time.