Gorman-Rupp: Centrifugal Pump Training

Gorman-Rupp offers various factory training programs to assist plant operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel by developing their understanding of pumps and pumping systems. Please contact us if you are interested in attending a Gorman-Rupp factory tour.

OmniSite Flow Measurement

OmniSite can help your organization achieve accurate flow measurements in a variety of ways, for a much lower cost than you might expect with other products. Here are some of the ways we approach flow monitoring with the OmniSite XR-50 and Crystal Ball:

OmniSite Monitoring Systems Installed by Envirep

OmniSite Wastewater Pump Station Monitoring System by Envirep Monitoring pumping stations with traditional alarm dialers is costly, inefficient, and outdated. OmniSite cellular monitoring systems provide real-time alarms, help anticipate the need for immediate repairs, predict the need for future maintenance, and provide operational data such as flow rate, run times, cycles per day, wet-wel...

Pump Station Odor Control

Envirep's Pro-Air wet well aeration systems offer an effective, low-cost, energy-efficient solution for pump station odor control. Sewage wet wells are designed to provide adequate storage volume of wastewater to prevent the short cycling of pumps and motors. Storage of raw wastewater in a wet well poses several problems such as odors, grease buildup, corrosion, and accumulation of rags and debris...

Genuine Gorman-Rupp Pump Parts

Pumps are an essential part of your wastewater operation. Envirep recommends having an inventory of genuine Gorman-Rupp replacement parts to allow for prompt repair when a pump goes down. Envirep is an authorized distributor of Gorman-Rupp pump products and we carry a huge inventory of spare parts so our customers receive the best service possible.

Utility Water Systems for WWTP’s

Traditionally, utility water systems at wastewater treatment plants are installed below ground or in a chlorine contact tank to allow the pumps to operate on a flooded suction. To reduce installation costs and make the utility water system easily accessible for inspection and maintenance, Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps are installed above ground in a building or factory-built fiberglass enclosure.

OxyStar Aspirator Aerators

OxyStar Aspirator Aerators by Aqua-Aerobic Systems are used in municipal and industrial wastewater applications to provide aeration and mixing for aerated lagoons, equalization basins, aeration tanks, aerobic digesters, sludge holding tanks, oxidation ditches, and post aeration. The OxyStar Aspirating Aerators provide superior fine bubble aeration and mixing, allowing for easier installation and l...

Envirep/TLC Named Authorized Distributor for Vogelsang

Envirep/TLC now offers Vogelsang products to the municipal water and wastewater markets in Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. As an authorized Vogelsang distributor, Envirep/TLC will service and sell all Vogelsang products. Vogelsang is a world leader in designing and manufacturing rotary lobe pumps, XRipper twin-shaft grinders, and the RotaCut macerator.

Sewage Pump Station Grinders

Vogelsang's X-Ripper sewage grinders are installed in wet wells to protect sewage pumping stations and eliminate or significantly reduce clogging. The XRipper grinders use low-speed, high-torque ripper rotors to shred through rags and debris in the wastewater before entering the wet well.