Guardian Environmental Rectangular Clarifier Components

Guardian Environmental Products is a premier manufacturer of rectangular clarifier chain and flights for the water and wastewater market. They offer a broad range of rectangular clarifier systems and components including metallic chain and non-metallic chain with fiberglass flights. Guardian Environmental Rectangular Clarifier Plastic Non-Metallic Chain Guardian’s corrosion-resistant plastic...

Fontaine Stainless Steel Slide Gates

Fontaine stainless steel slide gates are highly versatile flow control gates with various types of mountings. Adaptable to different applications, the gates can be designed to the required seating and unseating heads. The seal design keeps the allowable leakage rate to less than 0.04 U.S. GPM per foot (0.50 l/min per meter) of the seating perimeter. Fontaine-Aquanox has the right gates for your sp...

Pump Station Grease Removal & Odor Control

Envirep's Pro-Air wet well aeration systems offer an effective, low-cost, energy-efficient solution for pump station odor control. Sewage wet wells are designed to provide adequate storage volume of wastewater to prevent the short cycling of pumps and motors. Storage of raw wastewater in a wet well poses several problems such as odors, grease buildup, corrosion, and accumulation of rags and debris...

Flow Monitoring at Pumping Stations

OmniSite cloud-based cellular monitoring systems save time and money by giving engineers and utility managers valuable operating data and providing alarm notifications for operations personnel. OmniSite cloud-based monitoring systems are the most effective way to monitor pumping stations, improve system efficiency, and reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Triplepoint Wastewater Lagoons

Triplepoint Wastewater Lagoons have provided reliable and cost-effective wastewater treatment for many years. They are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. However, with more stringent effluent requirements, many lagoons need to be upgraded to achieve better BOD and TSS removal, plus nitrification/denitrification in many cases.

EBARA Submersible Pumps

Ebara offers a complete range of submersible pumps for water and wastewater applications. Ebara blends superior engineering with state-of-the-art production techniques to produce pumps of unsurpassed quality and long life. Located in Rockhill, South Carolina, Ebara has an extensive inventory of submersible pumps.   Ebara significantly outperforms in quality, price, and delivery time.

OmniSite: Elizabethtown Regional Sewer Authority

Elizabethtown Regional Sewer Authority (ERSA) was formed in January of 2012 after the merger of the Mount Joy Township Authority and the West Donegal Township Authority. With a total of 15 pumping stations, ERSA services approximately 4,800 customers. In early 2015, ERSA determined that they needed to explore an upgrade to their antiquated landline pump station alarm dialers. In addition t...

Veolia’s ANITA™ Mox for Sidestream Nitrogen Removal

Veolia’s ANITA™ Mox process effectively treats the recycle flow from anaerobic digesters with high ammonia concentrations and solves the problems of returning high ammonia concentrations to the main plant treatment process. In addition, it helps save energy and O&M costs by reducing the demand for aeration and chemicals.

Vogelsang’s Twin-Shaft Grinder is Changing the Game

An inline Vogelsang XRipper is removed from service for preventative maintenance. Twin-shaft grinders are known as the toughest solids reduction equipment available. They are praised for their ability to cut through tough solids and stringy waste. Everyone loves them. Well, except for the guys who service them. Unless you’re talking about Vogelsang's Twin-Shaft Grinder known as the XRipper.&nb...