Abrasive Sludge Demands a Tough Pump

Abrasive sludge demands a tough pump. In this Virginia wastewater treatment plant installation, Gorman Rupp 10-Series pumps were installed in 1996, and they have served this municipality extremely well. However, the customer recently renovated their chemical process and upgraded the 10-Series pumps to the latest Gorman Rupp Technology, Super T-Series pumps, fitted with hardened ductile iron wear p...

H-Tec Air Release Valves with Zero Leakage

H-Tec air release valves with zero leakage provide superior performance vs. traditional air release valves.  The valve includes an infinitely variable orifice, providing both air release and vacuum break functionality which makes standardization easy.  Compared to traditional air release valves, the H-Tec valve is much easier to maintain due to its lightweight design and fewer moving parts.

AquaPrime® Cloth Media Filter for Primary Filtration

Primary filtration is an emerging technology in wastewater treatment. Many plants are using it to completely replace conventional primary clarifiers, thereby reducing the organic load to the secondary treatment process, saving energy, and increasing plant capacity. Aqua-Aerobic’s AquaPrime® filters remove biological oxygen demand (BOD5) and volatile suspended solids (VSS) from raw wastewater, redu...

Aqua-Aerobic Systems SBR’s For Wastewater

The AquaSBR® sequencing batch reactor provides true batch reactor technology with all phases of biological treatment accomplished in a single reactor. All components are easily accessible and the advanced decant system ensures optimum quality effluent withdrawal.

Saveco Wet Well Basket Screen

SAVECO’s FSM Basket Screen is a coarse screen used in pumping stations and treatment plants to effectively capture and remove large solids, rags, and debris from municipal and industrial wastewater. The screen basket sits below the influent pipe in the wet well to remove debris from the wastewater as the flow passes through the basket. The basket is raised and lowered on guide rails using an elect...

Gorman-Rupp: Centrifugal Pump Training

Gorman-Rupp offers various factory training programs to assist plant operators, engineers, and maintenance personnel by developing their understanding of pumps and pumping systems. Pictured above is Gorman Rupp's Service Technician, demonstrating disassembly and reassembly of the Gorman-Rupp T-Series pump.